Mmm I step into the shower and turn the water on.
It hits me fast and hot in the middle of my back. Reminds me of your hot cum hitting me and making my flesh sensitive. Makes my tuppence tingle.
Mmmm I rub my j’adore shower gel over my body. Taking extra care over and round my nipples. Both hands careful and exploring. Fingertips smooth, pads fully flattened and touching.
Ooo you’re here. Kneel down before me. Place your hands on your knees so I can see you’re not playing with yourself. Mmmm I notice a long middle finger probably a few centimetres longer than mine.
I rub my fingers further over my body. Probing everywhere.
Feels good.
A small sigh escapes my lips.
Mmm my hand is magnetised to a beating, a pulsing between my legs. I rub my middle finger down further. The Love Bite nail varnish I’m wearing is swallowed between hot wet lips. As I push and rub. Mmm feels so good. My other hand comes up to tweak my nipple. I bite my own lip. My whole body is burning, buzzing and humming. The cacophony on noise drowns me. I push further with my fingers.
Come, lean closer but not too close. You’re not allowed to touch.
My womanly essence tingles your nostrils mixed with the shower gel. You take in a large breath and draw it into your lungs. It fills you, you become heady. A small sigh leaves on your out breath. Your eyes roll to the top of your head from my arousal. You feel the air swirling as I move forward and backward. My fingers become frantic, a seesaw motion overrides my brain as I push into my hand. My nipples enflame and become hard, plump and pink. Closure is imminent. Breathing is gradually increasing becoming louder. My body surges as the fluttering increases, small explosions burst within me and hot sticky liquid gushes from between my legs. Mmm my breast is heaving as my heart tries to beat out of my chest. I lean forward and grab a towel. Wrap it around myself. Step out of the shower. Grab your chin between my thumb and forefinger. Look you straight in the eyes. Yes that was the best shower, good boy for not touching. Kissing you hard, poking my tongue in and swirling it around before snatching it back. Thank you…….

For not touching you shall receive a treat.
What would you like?
You look at me and your eyes search mine for an understanding of the limits. I grab your hand, you naturally respond and rise from your knees. Our fingers entwine as we walk. Yours large, dry and firm mine small,soft and damp. Smaller but more in control. I lead you to the bedroom. You hesitate unsure what will happen next.
I, still wearing my towel place my hands on your chest. Slowly, but firmly I nudge you to the bed. Pressing down as you head backwards.
Our eyes lock as you trust me to guide you back to the bed and sit down. Your hands naturally go back and touch the silk sheets first. As you fold into a sitting position I kneel before you. Slowly I lower my eyes and undo the laces of your black brogues. I place one hand on your ankle, the other on your shoe and gently pull. It eases off and I place it to the side of your feet. I look up and see you staring intently at me. Rivulets of languid water are running down my neck and back. Slowly weaving their way down. Being absorbed into the fluffy towel that is scooping my creamy white flesh. You lift one finger and follow one of the streams. All the way from top to bottom. Your touch is hot on my cool flesh. Each inch burns.
My eyes close as your finger heads deliberately tracing the glistening trail. My eyes flutter open. You stop and calmly place your finger on the tip of your lips. Leisurely your lips part and your tongue comes forward and licks the moisture from your finger. I watch each movement and sigh. I drop my eyes and start on the next shoe. I do the same with your socks. I rock forward onto my knees and place my hands on your knees. Stretching out my fingers I push my hands over your thighs. Slowly, lingering over the feel of your warm flesh under my fingers I reach up and unbutton your trousers. The pop of the button as it is freed jerks you. You carry on watching intently. The click of the zip as I take it all the way down to the base. Leaning back I remove your trousers, as you extend each leg. Slowly I draw my nails through the hair on your legs. My hands carry on and travel up under your shirt. The pads of my middle fingers glide over each erect nipple. Hooking my nail over each I drag them back down and out of the shirt and over the top all the way to your collar. I unhook the top button. Then each other button. Pushing my hands I splay them across your chest and push off your shirt, down your arms. Leaning forward I kiss and nibble your neck. Soft delicate kisses followed by tiny firm bites. From your neck down your chest. Running my tongue in circles around each nipple. As I kiss lower my hands slip gently inside your boxer shorts….

……I pull gently on the waistband. The elastic holds my wrist firm to your skin. I run my hands down away from your chest up your thigh. Slowly I bring it back and slide my hand out of your shorts. Biting my lip I raise my eyes and look at you directly. You search mine for what comes next. Your breathing has increased, your chest heaving. I drop my head, lean forward and lick your chest. My wet tongue glides up and down. Each time the stroke becomes gradually longer. You drop your head back and a small sigh leaves your lips. As my tongue travels I can smell you are becoming excited. My mouth waters. Salivary glands gush further liquid into my mouth as I move slowly down. Your black shorts have a small damp ten pence size moisture patch. My tongue travels straight to it. Running my tongue along your rigid shape. Lapping and pressing my tongue onto the material that divides us. Your sighs turn into moans and slowly your hips move a little forward in a rocking motion. I hook my fingers over your waistband I slowly pull the shorts down, there’s a power struggle between elastic material and the releasing of thick taut flesh. Your rigid shaft springs out of the shorts. At the same time your head snaps back down looking straight at me. My lips already wet from licking. You lean forward unable to hold back anymore. Your hands scoop my face. Your lips need no introduction, you force your tongue between the seam of my lips. Probing.
Juicy and delicious.
Our tongues perform swordplay as we swirl and glide within each other’s warm wet caverns.
My natural reaction is to grab your shaft and stroke gently as your tongue does to me. Your hands slide from my face and you unwrap my towel calmly and controlled. Each hand kneads and firmly cups each of my breasts. Your fingertips feel hot and electric as you touch me. I moan into your mouth.



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