Secret Santa

Ahh Christmas Eve and I’ve just dropped off my last present. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I always stop at a particular house for a short nap before my journey home. The field next to the house is where I always leave the reindeers. They happily wait, grateful of the rest. This house I stop at has the most comfiest rocking chair you could imagine. I climb down the chimney and the roaring fire is most welcome after a busy night. I have the deepest snooze and the lady of the house always leave me a glass of something to warm my cockles…..

There it is again. That squeaking! I bet the cat has brought another friend in to play, and by friend I mean a mouse from the next field. Down the stairs I creep. My Christmas negligee is not hiding my modesty and my nipples rub against the lace as I bounce down each step. I clutch my slipper tight and gingerly open the kitchen door. I peer round the door and see no Tom and Jerry scene. But to my surprise there on the rocking chair snuggled into the Christmas throw is a large fellow snoring like a little pot bellied pig. I’ve always wanted a piglet so it sounds kind of adorable. He looks so peaceful with his gentle snore and the mellow crackle of the fire the room feels incredibly warm and snug. As I creep away I see a small smirk on his face and lowering my eyes I see he has a rather large bulge pushing against his red trousers. Hmm..what to do?
I creep back upstairs and collect both pairs of handcuffs and two blue ties. I tiptoe into the kitchen and drop to my knees between the legs of the rocking chair. I firmly tie both black boots to each leg of the chair. Then I carefully handcuff each hand to their position on the armrest. Still he slumbers. So tired and exhausted.
I lean forward I couldn’t let him go out and deliver with that throbbing between his thighs. I mean when does Santa get his presents?
I carefully unzip his red trousers and his thick shaft is unleashed. Springing forward and standing to attention. Glistening at the tip. I rub the shiny gloss along my lips. Mmm poking my tongue out I run it along my lips and lick off the smooth stickiness. Savouring the flavour I hold the shaft in my right hand as I run my tongue up and down from heavy sack to juicy tip. Enclosing my mouth over the plum tip I suck hard. A small sigh leaves his lips and he looks like he’s smiling with his eyes closed. I hold still waiting to see if he wakes. His manhood throbbing in my mouth leaking pre cum onto my tongue. I push my tongue up to force his shaft against the roof of my mouth. Swallowing as my salivary glands eases fluid to help coat it. Closing my eyes I get lost in the hedonistic feeling. Sucking hard and deep as I caress his firm balls. Dragging my nails over the rough skin. His legs start to move and he’s restrained by the ties. I push gently on his thighs and the rocking chair swings him into my mouth. I drag my teeth over the length and gently chew the swollen head. Licking and sucking. Using both hands I rub up and down as I suck deeply on the head rubbing my tongue on the joining tag of skin underneath pressing firmly and moving it from side to side. His chest starts to heave and become rapid. I use both hands with using my fingers either side of his shaft thrusting up and down as he swings into my mouth and I suck. I feel his balls clench and hot liquid hits the back of my throat. Sucking and drinking him down I lick up very last drop. Wiping the last droplet of dribble from my chin. Mmm so tasty and satisfying. Licking my lips. I untie his boots and unlock the handcuffs. As I am leaning forward my erect nipples brush against his smooth velvet trousers. Mmm running a hand over them, I may need to sort myself out. I zip him back up and make a quick quiet exit. Time for me to snuggle down in bed with my very own Christmas present.

….How embarrassing I must of slept longer than I thought and had one of my naughty dreams. It happened the same time last year. With a quick tap of the nose and a little wink. I look back at the house and head toward the reindeer. A smile lingered on my lips as I remember the extra present left under the tree.



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