Talk and I’ll listen.

After a very positive day I came across a very sad and upsetting sight. A young girl was on the other side of the bridge. I don’t mean walking towards me, I mean she was on the outside railing, of the motorway bridge. There was two policemen calmly trying to talk to her. They had shut the motorway. I looked at her and thought- could life be that sad that you don’t want to see the next thing that happens, that once your eyes closed you would not open them again. Life would be final. To me that’s not a choice. I can’t even think like that. I’ve had many dark days and that is why I am so grateful to be here and try to see the positives in so many things. But that’s another story. We have sad days, we all do, even me. But to see her standing there so distressed and broken. Knowing that she wanted to end it all just made me cry. It left me with so many unanswered questions. What could be so bad? Why couldn’t she talk to someone? Where was her family? How would they feel? What was wrong? How had it got to this point? What would her loved ones think?
I wanted to jump over the barrier and scoop her up in my arms and just cuddle her. Life can be stressful. It can be dark, but please try and talk to someone. They will listen. I will listen. When you talk it can be text, it can be email it can be on the phone, face to face. Whatever you are comfortable with…but communicate. Please I ask you to think of the people around you.
Also on the other side, talk to people, ask them how they are, make conversation. Be proactive. Let them know you are there, that you care. Someone will listen.


Making music

Totally beautiful! ❤️

Merlot Bookbinder

My desire for you grows with each day.
Can’t help myself feeling this way.
Without you I’d whither,
Like a drought to a river.
Couldn’t bear seeing you go away.

You keep my heart beating, it’s true.
There’s no other for me, only you.
You make me complete,
Pick me up, when downbeat.
I must know if you love me too.

To me, you’re the sun and the moon.
Darkest night and bright afternoon.
You’re my night and day,
Chase troubles away.
From them, you make me immune.

Our hearts, as one they’re attuned.
With you I’m totally consumed.
You’re the food that I eat.
You’re why my heart beats.
We’re a song, I’m lyrics, you’re tune.


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Living in the future.

I can’t believe it! Today I actually loved technology! It was an epiphany!
I was talking to some guys about the fact that nobody is perfect and we all, including myself should always look for ways to improve ourselves. I talked about my Mum of nearly 70 who is a dab hand with her iPad mini. She has adapted and learnt new things and she is always up for a new challenge. They didn’t seem so keen and said that there was no need if you were good at something to improve it. I then talked about the iPad and how if that was so perfect why did it get updates. We discussed how the iPad has updates to improve its running, how it works and what works best. To which I then said think of us as iPads and we are constantly in need of regular updates to better ourselves, whether it be activities we like or dislike. We all need to look for ways to improve ourselves. They totally got this and it was like watching the penny drop. Woohoo! So watch out as I am waiting for my next update…41.1

A view of Twitter

Twitter is like the fruit bowl of life. There are some of us that are blemished, bruised and a little wrinkly but we are sweet and succulent inside. Whereas there are some who are glossy and polished but rotten to the core. Life reflects off them but it can not penetrate the sheen on the surface. I do not sit here waiting for your hands to lift me away from the bowl for you to throw me up and down adding to my marks. Where you choose that I’m not the fruit for you and toss me back in, I am still living and should be treated so. Or those who take a small bite, a tiny taste to see something more desirable and suddenly throw me away. I shall wait till someone comes with dextrous strong hands to cradle me and look after me. To devour me and enjoy all of my slight imperfections. To have my juiciness dribble down their chin and for them to lap it up willingly. We are all in the bowl but we are all slightly unique. If it’s this piece of fruit you crave and nothing else to quench your desire. Do you think about me morning and night, excited to touch, taste, consume. Will you enjoy every second, savouring the first bite to the very last? Choose wisely….