Hot date.

Thank goodness the housework was done. It was a Tuesday afternoon. The weather was balmy as I was nestled in my house deep in the countryside. I was just thinking about stopping for a cup of tea when the warmth of the sun hit me. I looked around the kitchen and decided I would prefer something cooler. I walked to the fridge, opened it but nothing looked appealing. Lowering my eyes the freezer was below. Mmm I could perhaps have an ice lolly to quench my thirst. Looking at the clock I could see you were expected any moment. I’ll wait…..You arrive wearing a full tailored dark navy suit. Impeccable timing as always. Good boy. I look at you and you sink to your knees before me. I walk to the freezer and remove one multi flavoured ice lolly. Your eyebrows draw together as you look puzzled.
You think you’ve come for tea and cake, but not today.
“Remove your jacket.”
Slowly you take off your jacket and place it over the red leather recliner. You are back on your knees in no time. Watching, waiting. Furrowed brows show me you are still unsure of today’s meeting. I place the hard wooden kitchen chair in front of you and sit down. Slowly unwrapping the lolly. As the ice hits the air around it, it begins to steam. I run the hard cold pole over my lower lip. Staring at you I run my tongue over the cold sticky residue. Taking the flavour back into my mouth. Mmm delicious.
“Would you like a taste?”
You know not to speak, so you just nod. I lean forward and place the ice lolly on your bottom lip too. Our eyes still locked. I drop mine to see your tongue dart out and lick clean the watery droplets left. Mmm. Your eyes sparkle as the realisation starts to sink in. I pull the ice lolly back and across my lips again. I hold the ice lolly in my right hand, as I slowly unbutton my blouse with my left. Pulling at my lacey bra I slowly reveal a rather firm and erect blushed pink nipple. I run the tip of the ice lolly over the nipple. It glistens and twinkles in the glow of the daylight. Lost in what I’m doing I hear a small low exhale of breath. I look to you and see your eyes yearning to lean forward and lick it off.
“No touching!”
“Be a good boy and just watch,yes?”
You nod again, knowing that all you can do, is just watch. My nipple is taut from the sugary liquid drying on my skin. I look to you and lean down, pushing my breast up, I run my tongue over the nipple, tasting. Lapping all round. Mmm tastes so sweet. I lift my leg so my heel rests on the bar on the chair. My skirt rises and I pull it up. I use my left hand to pull my lace knickers to the side and run the ice lolly up and down my hot pink lips. Your eyes remain firmly focused between my thighs. Feels so good. I drop my head back and tease the juicy cold cylinder between my plump pink lips. My breasts heave and I shudder as the cold and hot collide which send electric shocks through my body. Slowly I push the lolly in and out, it glides smoothly.
The heat from my body starts to melt the ice lolly and the sweet sticky liquid courses down my inner thighs. I pull my head back slowly and look deep into your eyes. I can see the hunger, the want, the need to drink and taste. The need to poke your tongue in and explore the blend of my flavours and the ice lolly.
“No touching.” I reemphasise.
I pull the lolly from my lips and wrap my tongue round it. Mmm tastes divine. “Would you like a taste?” I ask.
You nod and your eyes look pleadingly at me. I reinsert the lolly once, swirl it around inside me then pull it out. The sound of a kissing noise is all that can be heard as it leaves me. You lean forward and lick and suck ravenously. “Easy!” The lolly becomes tapered as I pull it from your lips. Frosted,the colours are not distinct anymore. I rub the lolly back over my peeping nipple whilst I push my finger into my juicy dripping moisture. Pushing further into the niche. Building up the momento. My Raspberry Wine nail varnish smeared with viscous luscious liquid as it disappears and reappears with hectic veracity. Tweaking and pulling my nipple hard, my hips rock subtlety in time with my finger. Mmm
Feels so good. My eyes roll upwards and I feel the burning and yearning inside of me rising. Excitement throbs from my love nub and my tuppence’s tingling is beyond explosive. My whole body and soul is attuned to your longing, wanting devouring looks.Your eyes dart from mine to my tuppence, they penetrate my core leaving me breathless. Running my tongue along my lips, I can’t help but bite them. It’s all too much and the pressure is released as I buck and sway on the chair. Ooohhh! Mmm yes. My purple bra is left with a dark black patch as the lolly melts and spreads.
Between my thighs my glistening lips are evident of my release. I place the last slither of lolly in my mouth and lick the juice from the hard stick.
Mmm such a good boy, again. Thank you for not touching. I stand, grab your short dark hair pull your head back. Standing above you. I look deep into your eyes. Push my tongue in and run it along the inside of your mouth, across your lips. Lick my lips. Mmm you taste delicious….



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