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Icy Fingers

Serenely the sun rises

Casting light over all to see

Not a noise

Not a whisper

The surface slowly shimmers

Glints of sparkling eyes awaken

Untouched and inviting

Yet lethal and dangerous

Drawing you in

Come on, come play with me! ❄️



Protect Your Breasts #PYB

When I joined twitter it was used as a distraction and to find new authors and discounted books. Then as I got to know different people I was welcomed into the VOE ladies group. An amazing lady bounced on to my timeline who professed she was a cheerleader for VOE and was incredibly lively and made me feel so comfortable. As time went on L started tweeting about checking her breasts (tattybojangles.) She then created this day where twitter peeps would change their avi’s to something related to breasts or chests. This seemed like a no brainier to me, although I’m quite reluctant to post images of myself I felt I needed to post a picture at the least. This took me out of my comfort zone but people were so positive about helping to join in. So I posted a picture to raise awareness for ladies to check their breasts each time. This continued and every year new people would step forward and say how proud they were in getting their boobs checked or something similar. An amazing book (Framed) was also created to raise funds for cancer research, which is phenomenal. Twitter peeps would be ready to share new amazingly creative avi’s. But what people didn’t see was how tirelessly L and V worked, who had be brought onboard. These two ladies sent out monthly reminders to help others to check, with hints and tips to be more aware of what to look for and where to go if anyone was in doubt. 

All good things come to and end and that is now but they will not be forgotten. 

#PYB #ProtectYouBreasts is still very important and the message is out there. I am humbled to have been part of it and will still be a monthly checker.

Massive congratulations to L and V and they should feel incredibly proud of what they have achieved. 

Huge squishy hugs. 



Stay for a tipple

Excitable nipples 

A Friday flash 

A clumsy splash

Nylons adorned 

Intentions forewarned 

Fingers caress

Unleashing tigress 


Booty Call

“Hello” A sleepy male voice spoke into his mobile.”One hour!” A clipped female voice replied

“Here?” He questioned

“Here!” She demanded
An hour later.
I opened the door to him, right on time. I could feel the cool breeze of the evening swirl around my kimono. His eyes darted quickly to sneak a peek to underneath. He was nearly 6ft, dark short hair, clean shaven and with nervously excited bright blue eyes. He was wearing a shirt and button jeans which were exactly what was required. He stepped in through the door. He removed his shoes and jacket. I grabbed his hand and lead him up the stairs. 

No words were said but I could sense him gripping my hand unsure if he should make a move. 

The lights were off but the room was filled with candles flickering and sizzling. The air was fragrant and felt warm, cozy. Perfect. 

I sat him on the bed and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Still nothing was said. We didn’t look at each other. He kept still and let me do exactly as I pleased, and this pleased me. The sound intensified as his plastic buttons clicked against my plum coloured nails. Slowly removing his shirt. Running my hands over his chest. Through the tiny spirals of dark hair. His chin dropped down to look then he quickly brought it back up and closed his eyes. I could see he couldn’t take it anymore. I gently but firmly pushed his torso towards to the bed and carried on unbuttoning his jeans. I tugged his jeans off followed by his socks. His eyes had popped back open and he was studying my every move. 

I walked round the bed and held out a lace cuff, already attached to the head board. He obliged by heaving himself up the bed on his elbows and placing his wrist exactly where I wanted it. I attached the cuff making sure it wouldn’t cause any discomfort. I shimmied round the other side of the bed and his wrist was waiting for me. His head was perfectly positioned in the middle of the two pillows so they would act as mufflers. I collected a few things off the dressing table and kneeled on the bed. I raised my thigh and straddled his chest so I could focus on what I needed to do. Placing an eye mask over his eyes I was careful to make sure his hair didn’t tangle in the elastic strap. I left the things I’d collected on the bed and edged down to carefully pull off his tight boxer shorts. They were a struggle as he had become very excited and his cock was heavily laying on the elastic waistband. I rolled them down his beautifully strong thighs making sure the material didn’t catch in his hair. Holding one of his ankles I pulled it to the edge of the bed and attached it to another cuff. Firmly securing both so he was now completely restrained. Open to me and unable to move. Removing my silk kimono I leave my navy lace bodystocking on. I liked the feel of it against my skin. My engorged nipples push through the pretty lace pattern exposing the plump pinkness to the air. I get back on the bed and straddle his chest again. Collecting the items I had left. One a bottle of Silk lube the other a male masturbator, a realistic pocket pussy. I stood up on the bed and placed my feet either side of his ears. I carefully lower myself over his face. Crotchless body stockings are the best. I can feel the heat from his mouth breathing out on to my skin. He opens his mouth in anticipation, I can see he senses what’s going to happen. I sit on his face and move rhymically against his cheeks. Enjoying his tongue probing my lips I squeeze lube into the pussy in my hand. Wrapping my lace gloved fingers round his cock he gently flinches, with my other hand I slip on the pussy. It slips on sweetly and the sucking squelching noises that come from it increase my movements on his face. His tongue licks and slathers over me as his chest rises with increased gusto. He makes little growling noises and I sense he’s going to come. 

“Not yet!” I sternly remark.

I pull off the artificial pussy and his hips thrust forward and his cock bobs frantically, desperate to release his seed. I drop the pussy to the side and curl my hands behind to hold on to the headboard. Riding his face I can feel the need to cum. The knot gets tighter as I push deeper smothering him in my juices, grinding myself into him. Lips to lips until my body tingles. I let out a much needed squeal of delight and slow my hips down. I pull away and it almost sounds like Velcro. His face is a picture, all wet and succulent. I lean on his chest and walk myself round to sit over his cock, still glistening and taut with the need to release. Plunging onto the tip I move my hips and lean forward to kiss his lips. Sticky, sweet and lips to nibble. Tongues dancing like electric eels creating sparks running from the tip of our tongues down to our toes. His hips lift from the bed desperately trying to bury himself into my warm wet lips. He moans into my mouth as I nibble his lips and tweak his nipples. My nipples hard brushing against his chest. His body in sensation overload. I lean forward so my lips are in line with his ear, 

“Such a good boy, doing just as you’re supposed to. You do please me. You may cum now.”

His breaths become ragged and his thrusts become exaggerated. His whole body meshes into mine as a final thrust makes me feel full and in need of coming again. He sighs with sated relief and I lift myself off of his deliciously juicy cock. Moving back up the bed I remove his eye mask. His beautiful eyes blink open. He knows exactly what is going to happen. As I squat over his face and look into his eyes as they look up into mine. Grabbing the headboard I gently move my hips forward as he eagerly laps at our combined juices. Then he expertly uses his tongue again to lick, swirl, suck and rub my nub of pleasure. 

Looking into his eyes I mouth.

“Good boy” 

Which makes his eyes sparkle and the need to please me more. The intensity builds and I scream with decadence as another mind blowing orgasm rips through me. Slumping back onto his face I can feel his mouth form a smile. He’s pleased with the outcome, quite literally. 

I remove myself from him and quickly set about removing all the cuffs. Before he has time to think I blow a sloppy raspberry on his belly and head to the shower. 



Seductive afternoon play
Like a beautiful Monet
Thoughts run away 

The need to be risqué
Naughty fun day

Sheets in disarray
Lips taste of Beaujolais

On Stocking Sunday