Protect Your Breasts #PYB

When I joined twitter it was used as a distraction and to find new authors and discounted books. Then as I got to know different people I was welcomed into the VOE ladies group. An amazing lady bounced on to my timeline who professed she was a cheerleader for VOE and was incredibly lively and made me feel so comfortable. As time went on L started tweeting about checking her breasts (tattybojangles.) She then created this day where twitter peeps would change their avi’s to something related to breasts or chests. This seemed like a no brainier to me, although I’m quite reluctant to post images of myself I felt I needed to post a picture at the least. This took me out of my comfort zone but people were so positive about helping to join in. So I posted a picture to raise awareness for ladies to check their breasts each time. This continued and every year new people would step forward and say how proud they were in getting their boobs checked or something similar. An amazing book (Framed) was also created to raise funds for cancer research, which is phenomenal. Twitter peeps would be ready to share new amazingly creative avi’s. But what people didn’t see was how tirelessly L and V worked, who had be brought onboard. These two ladies sent out monthly reminders to help others to check, with hints and tips to be more aware of what to look for and where to go if anyone was in doubt. 

All good things come to and end and that is now but they will not be forgotten. 

#PYB #ProtectYouBreasts is still very important and the message is out there. I am humbled to have been part of it and will still be a monthly checker.

Massive congratulations to L and V and they should feel incredibly proud of what they have achieved. 

Huge squishy hugs.