Naughty Weekend! 

“Hey are you still open?”I shouted from my car. The place looked deserted with the sound of humming coming from the dual carriageway and the noisy hum of an out of tune radio.
“Hello, anyone free?” 

I almost sang  
A pair of eyes scanned me from a small window in a workmans hut. 

“Do you need something?”

The eyes had swirls like warm brandy in a crystal glass.

“Yes please, are you still open for business?”

The whole face came round the hut door and what looked at me was amazing. He looked like an Action man. Short brown hair, warm brown eyes with large full lips. He spoke with a hint of an accent. 

“I’ve already cashed up, what are you after?”

“Oh sorry, just a wash please. Am I too late.”

He looked at me and slowly rubbed a rather large hand over his chin, whilst still eyeing me up. 

“Do you have cash?”

“Yes I can pay you cash.”

“Okay, I will do it for you this time Mam and put it in the till tomorrow.”

“How long will you be? Would it be okay if I make a call in the car whilst you carry on.”

“You do whatever you need, as long as you pay in cash.”

I fumbled into my bag and pulled out my purse, showing the guy money enough to cover the service he was going to provide. 

He beckoned me forward to park where the hose would stretch to. 

He kept staring at me whilst he used the hose over the car. I called my girlfriend to say I was on my way. I had Rhubarb gin and nibbles for a girlie sleepover. It was just the giggle I needed after a week from hell. Life seemed to be hectic and my social life had taken a back seat. There was a loud thud as the car washing man threw a large sponge on the front windscreen. He pushed with much gusto as his hand wrapped itself around the sponge to form a rather creative bow tie look. As he washed in circular movements I became transfixed by the shape of the soap suds on the glass. Inside the car it started to become quite warm, I could feel the recent late nights, early mornings taking their toll. I relaxed into the car seat further and watched as I must have zoned out. 

The next thing I knew was a cold draught over the whole of my body. Opening my eyes and frantically looking for clues around me as to where I was or what had happened seem to be my focus. 



“Your car, it’s done. I’ve washed it.” 

The guy was leaning in my side of the car after opening the door. 

I sat forward and grabbed the money I had already shown him, thrusting it into his palm. As I dropped my eyes I could see my skirt had risen up and the tops of my stockings were on display. I had already loosened a few buttons on my silk blouse after getting into my car earlier. What must I look like. 

I hastily grabbed at the door to pull it back towards me. I switched on the engine and started to reverse out of the parking spot. Hurriedly I snapped my belt back on and steered the car away. 

The guy rushed into his hut and came out waving his hand, “Your change?”

I shouted back “Tip”

I saw his dark figure stand quite lonesome in the road with his hand in the air. 

What could I do the guy had obviously had a good look. I carried on to my friends and tried to put the thoughts of the guy with big hands behind me. There would be giggles, drinking and relaxation to focus on, not this guy. 
Waking the next morning I was feeling the effects of a night of laughing so hard your lungs hurt and a copious amount of fruity liqueur. Prising my eyes open I could see daylight had reached all four corners of the room telling me it had to be almost midday. I closed them again. Something flashed through my mind. An image? A dream? What was it? I tried to slow my brain down and focus on the image. It was two large brandy glasses being held by large firm hands. I looked up within my dream to see the face of the car washing guy. Except he was wearing a black t shirt and denim jeans, both quite snug and emphasising the muscles he had acquired from buffing cars all day. I pressed my lips together wanting to taste that brandy. Crazy really as I was still tasting the lemon and salt bite of a few margaritas thrown in for good measure last night. He was speaking, my dream guy was talking to me. 

“Would you like me to service you?”


“Would you like me to use my hands to service you?”

I could sense myself in the dream staring yet my actually body was becoming needy. I wanted him to service me, all over, with both hands. And his mouth! And his …

My hands started to stroke my body over my pyjamas. One hand came up to my mouth whilst I was still remembering my dream. I pushed two fingers into my mouth and sucked hard. Coating my fingers in wet saliva. I pulled them out with a pop and rubbed them slowly over my thin vest top, just above my nipple. The moisture from my fingers allowed the outline shape of my nipple be easily seen through the material. My breasts felt heavy and in need of a firm touch from rough large hands. I carried on rubbing and pinching my nipples as my hips seemed to push forward. I was feeling needy and the only thing to help relive that would be a moment of self pleasure. I wet my fingers again and drew circles around my other nipple the material became wet and darker. I tweaked, squeezed and pinched my nipples languidly. I didn’t want to rush this moment, plus I didn’t want my friends to hear me. Staying with friends and no toys made me quickly assess what I had with me. My cordless vibrating toothbrush would have to make do. I reached into my toiletry bag and took it out. Still keeping the cover over the brush end. I loosened my plain cotton knickers from my hips and pushed them further down. Using one hand to glide between my wet lips I gently glided over the busy knot of nerves as my other hand pressed the button on the toothbrush. The delicious buzz awakened all my senses as I squeezed my legs together then opened again willingly. Pressing the bottom edge of the brush against my hot dewy throbbing button I could feel my need intensifying. Rubbing it lengthways between my lips I flipped it up and sunk it deep within me. It could never replace the girth of a scrumptious cock but it could hit the spot now. Moving the cylinder in me as the dull buzz peaked and dipped I could feel the tension mounting. Keeping an ear out for my girlfriends, I didn’t want to stop but it would be awkward to explain. My left hand still kneaded and plucked at my fully taut nipple as my hips thrust. The wet squelchy sound of the rod plunging into me was building as my breathing increased. Slowly a deep sigh seeped from my lips as I bit down hard to avoid screaming my release. As my body relaxed back into the bed I switched the toothbrush off and slowly slid it from between my thighs leaving little glistening marks along my skin. I couldn’t stop thinking about the car cleaner and his hands. As I was still in a delirious slumber a noise had me hold still with panic. The handle to my room was being moved. 

“Hey, you up? I thought I heard movement?” A whispered voice called to me. 

Lazily I replied 

“Hey, sorry I am awake.” Slowly, surreptitiously holding my toothbrush to my thigh praying I wouldn’t switch it on by mistake. 

“I’m just jumping in the shower if you want to go next? Thought we could go out for breakfast, I really don’t fancy anything in the cupboards.” 

“Yep, I’m up for that.” I agreed hastily just desperate for her to leave me. She started to come into the room and I prayed she wouldn’t sit on the bed by my thigh. 

“Right, ten minutes and it’s all yours.”

“Perfect.” I replied

I gave a huge sigh of relief as the door closed. 

After the most amazingly hot shower I finally felt alive. 

Let’s do this! My belly was gorged on full English from the local cafe, a pure greasy treat only indulged in after an evening with the ladies. We walked down to the cafe where the taxi drivers go, just to show them that women are just as partial to a large sausage dipped in a runny yolk as any man! 

Leaving my friends house with no alcohol in my system yet enough grease to replace it I was ready to head back to mine. The roads seemed quiet for a Sunday afternoon but the sun was shining, so they must all be at the beach. The beach sounded alluring, a quick spin might be just perfect to finish off the day. Switching lanes and gears a new destination was sorted. Music pumped through the speakers and created the right vibe to fill the senses. 
Being lost in the music made arriving at my destination quicker than I expected and made me gather my bearings to the different surroundings. Life was certainly at a slower pace by the coast and suited a subdued Sunday afternoon sunset. I parked in a deserted carpark and looked at the empty beach that surrounded me. A walk would be perfect. Leaving the car I headed off in a right direction and walked as far as I could with keeping the car in sight. Then I about turned, returned and got back in the car. Hours had passed and the sun was a brilliant orange haze smothering the tranquil wash of the sea. Sighing and dropping my head back on the headrest I realised it was time to get back to reality. I started the engine and the key just clicked. I tried again. Then again. What? This couldn’t be happening. It was working perfectly fine to get me here. I thumped my hand on the steering wheel angry and frustrated! This couldn’t be the end of a lovely weekend! I wouldn’t let it be. Not thinking I dropped my head forward and hit the horn. The noise seemed to disperse on the wind. 
Knock, knock! 
I looked to my right and saw a guys chest with a dog jumping up at the window of my car. I went into panic mode and locked the door. Grabbing my phone I fumbled to key in the security code to unlock it. 
“Hey, Mam, you okay?”
The voice sounded sort of familiar. 
“Hey, is there something wrong with your car?” 
I slowly looked out of the window again and the car washing guy from the garage had his face against the glass. I must of blushed instantly as he gave me a huge smile. 
“Can I help you?” He looked genuinely concerned. 
I wound down my window. 
“My car won’t start, I have no idea why. Do you know anything about cars like this?” I whimpered.
“I can take a look, if you want?” He said as he was pushing the sleeves up on his thick woollen jumper. 
“Yes, please, I want!” I smiled. 
I pulled the lever to unlatch the bonnet and then got out of the car and leaned in next to him. He raised the bonnet and fixed it in place. He tinkered by pulling on a few wires and feeling where things were. I wasn’t sure he did know what he was doing but he seemed confident. 
“My brother will know what is wrong. I

will call him.”
“Gosh, I don’t mean to put you to all this trouble. I’ll call someone.” I replied
“No trouble.” He said as he started speaking into his phone in Russian. 
Oh my gosh, the language was like licking neat honeycomb. Smooth and delicious to my ears. 
“He can fix it.” He replied in English. I almost asked him to repeat it in Russian, but nodded and said 

“Thank you so much, this is so kind of you. Do you live near here?”
“Yes, over the road.” He pointed away to the other side of the road. A row of differently shaped and size houses. 
After a short time another guy turned up in a tow truck and jumped out. He too looked robust and as if he could handle anything or anyone. 
“Hey” he threw me a warm smile, the same full lips encased very straight teeth. He instantly got to work and what seemed like fiddled under the bonnet of my car. The brother stepped past me and opened my car door. He turned the key and the car promptly began to purr. He flashed me his smile again and started to speak Russian to the car washing guy. 
“All done!” The car washing guy said whilst raising both hands in a ‘magic’ gesture. 
“Wow! Thank you so much. How much do I owe you?” I excitedly replied.
I swung round the door and bobbed my head in the car to collect my bag and ultimately my purse. 

As I pulled out my body hit the solidness of my car washing guy’s chest. He was taller than me and I felt his breath on my cheek as I turned to see the blockade that brought me to a halt. My eyes closed as I felt him everywhere, his breath, his warmth, his solid chest and then his voice in my ears. 
“You already paid, the tip you left.” I could hear the smile in his voice. 

I began to blush again as I realised he was referring to my show of stocking tops. He moved away and I felt the cold wind off the sea wrap around me. 
“I will follow you home, wait while I take Olga home.” He used his face to point to the dog with him who had calmed down as soon as I got out of the car before. 
“But, but you don’t have to do that, you have been so kind, thank you.” I looked him straight in the eyes as I said it. 
“Thank you.” I shouted at his brother. He smiled and got in his truck and drove off. 
“No, he says I must follow you to make sure you get home safe.” He gestured to his brother who was leaving and sounded concerned. 
“Oh okay, thank you. This is most kind of you.” I replied. 
I got back in my car and put the heater on, the wind had picked up and I felt suddenly cold and began to shiver. As I sorted out putting my bag back and choosing a different playlist on my iPod, a car pulled into the car park next to me. 

Those warm brandy eyes were mischievously gazing at me. His smile was contagious and I felt myself smiling in return. His mouth moved as if chewing gum and his lips looked like they needed kissing. His huge hands gripped the steering wheel and I could just imagine them turning my body to putty. We drove and managed to get home safely. 
“Would you like to come in for a coffee?” I asked him standing by his car. 

“It’s the least I can do, please.”

He didn’t speak just got out of the car and locked it. We walked to the front door and I slowly unlocked it. In front of us were the stairs leading up or the hallway to the kitchen. 
Taking his hand in mine, I lead him up the stairs. I needed to work off my earlier frustration and he looked like he would be happy to be of service. No noise could be heard but the muffled sound of the door being pushed over the thick carpet. His hand tightened in mine. Excitement? Apprehension? I rubbed my thumb over the back of his. I pulled him through and shut the door. 

“Take off your trousers, jumper and t shirt but leave your shorts on.”

He did exactly as I asked. Slowly the t shirt revealed broad shoulders and a delicious amount of chest hair. His thighs were toned and certainly gave the elastic of his shorts something to hold on to. I opened my bedside drawer and pulled out the eye mask. Carefully placing it over his eyes. I held his hands and nudged him back towards the bed.
I kneeled in front of him and could feel the heat radiating from his body. He smelt enticing and saliva drenched my mouth with the need to taste. I leaned forward on my heels and pushed my fingers through his chest hair. His body relaxed into my touch and I could feel the rhythmic beat of his heart. I gently kissed his chest hair taking it slowly as my fingers entwined around the springlike tendrils. Kissing further up I pressed my lips over his neck and felt the instant contrast of the softest flesh. Leaving a trail into the crook of his neck I ran my fingers over his thighs. Gliding towards his hips and slowly dragging my polished nails back to me. The response in his shorts was all I needed to take it further. I pushed up and ran my tongue over his lips, leaving a glistening coating. He waited, still not moving. Trusting me to guide him the whole time. I ran both hands up through his chest again and round the back of his neck. My fingers teased and pulled at his short dark brown hair as my tongue pushed in between his lips. Licking and stroking my tongue over his. Gripping from the back I took his tongue deep into my mouth. Licking and sucking as our juices entwined. His warm wet mouth tasted of a hint of mint from the chewing gum he had earlier. As I probed my tongue in and out the tip began to get a fuzzy tingle from the minty flavour too. I released his hungry lips and pushed him gently towards the bed as I began to kiss slowly down his abdomen. I came up off my knees and straddled his hairy firm thighs. Grabbing both of his hands I raised them above his head.
“Keep them there!”
I ran my fingers down and under the elastic belt of his shorts. Slowly encircling his thick member in my fingers I could feel the juiciness oozing from the tip. Rubbing my thumb over the top. I pulled my thumb out and rubbed the moisture over my nipple.
“Open your mouth!”
He did exactly as he was told. I pressed my nipple against his wet tongue and he greedily sucked on the protruding nub. He began to make little noises and his manhood was bobbing and desperately pushing against his now taut shorts. I rubbed against his shorts as my thighs squeezed his. I pulled my nipple from his lips as he made a pop sound with his lips. I turned round over him and pushed my bottom into his face. Backing against his tongue.
His tongue poked out and I gyrated my hips in his face. I leaned forward and peeled down his shorts. 

Taking his cock in my mouth I sucked hard as he laboriously licked, slowly savouring me. My lipstick smeared over the outside of his shaft and circled his base. I sucked hard. Pulling my lips to the tip I pushed my tongue into the hole and nibbled on the purple plum head. Chewing and moaning as he buried his face between my cheeks, licking sucking and slurping drool over my thighs. He was building speed and increasing his pace. I could tell he was near to coming and took him deeper. Saliva covered his balls as I rolled them gently in my hand. Using my nails to tickle and scrape. Pushing into him more I could feel my body beginning to need to be released. My breathing became deeper as I could feel the orgasm grip as my muscles clench and burst. I took him in my mouth and sucked whilst rubbing with my hands. He gushed into my mouth as he thrust his hips into my face. I swallowed as fast as I could. He continued to pump into me and then relax. I swirled my tongue over his whole shaft and lean back sitting on his face. 
“Feel better?” I asked him, not expecting a reply.
“Yes, you?” He mumbled.
“Oh totally! I needed that so bad! I’d say that was a very good end to the weekend.” I sighed.