My Frustration!

I’d like to write a tragedy 

Of romantic star cross lovers

Or maybe a soldier story of mighty warrior brothers

But yet my mind it hits the gutter

The words seem to bubble up then splutter

Thinking of a naughty two, all hot and heady

Hearts racing, hands trying to steady

Rudeness seems to spill from these lips

Smut gushes and oozes from the very tips

Across my page is pure fornication 

Leading to powerful copulation

A mind filled with debauchery and decadence

Merely hoping it touches on eloquence


Worshiping at the Altar

Worshiping at the altar 

Your body

On my knees

With my lips I obey

With my words I praise

With my touch I respect

With my eyes I survey 

Let me drink you in

My soul adores you


Symbiosis of Souls

Let me in

I hold a key of hope

Unlock the door

Let me bring the light

Allow me to see you

The real you

Flesh and bone

Deep to your core

The you that you keep hidden

Don’t be afraid

Take my hand

Feel the warmth of my words

Non judging



Sheltering you whole

You feel broken

But your soul is divine



What you don’t see is my wonder

Your shining light that I pursue

For I too am broken

Searching for light

The beacon of your essence

To hold me

Guide me

Wrap me in comfort

Moulding confidence

Together we belong

Symbiosis of souls

Entwined forever



When you hear the words

When you hear the words:
I don’t want you to change, don’t change for Me. 

I just want you to always be happy. You’re my happy place. 

I don’t see skin and bone I see your soul. 

My soul entwined with your soul. 

Your happy place is my home. 
You know you are loved. 



As I lather your chest my nails dip and scrape

As I lather your back my fingers linger at your nape

The broadness that I cling onto as the soap is gliding

With you my inhibitions will never be in hiding

As my hands descend slowly down to your bottom

My thoughts of desires are never to be forgotten