You Brute! 

You Brute! 

My lips did chew

My thoughts so blue

As your body it grew

Hot breath over skin blew

We’re stuck like glue

My heart has no clue

Brute, it’s true! 

I love you! 



Unleash our Beasts

Unleash our Beasts
Let us unleash our beasts so that they may play hard, yet run wild and free. 

Then while we are alone, curled and entwined let us lick the wounds of our souls with hot wet tongues. 

Slowly, uniquely and inquisitively. 



Break Me! 

Tie my hands with knicker elastic, chain me to the bed.

Pin me down with legs up high, wrapped around your head.
Pound me with those thrusting thighs, let me take it all,

A delicious burning deep inside, naughty words I recall.
Breasts heaving, nipple tweaking,

Fingers kneading, heavy breathing.
Whisper what you want to do with me, as the lights down low.

Tease me, break me, please me, take me, but draw it out nice and slow! 



It’s true I’m a total addict

Your taste is simply perfect

That smile is terribly contagious 

Those eyes alluring, flirtatious

A quirky mind I find captivating

Utter devotion received is humbling

The touch of your hand, electric

Souls connected forever eccentric