Tearful reflection

Moments in time

Memories made

Good and bad

Blissful ignorance 

Happy go lucky

Life spread on the wind

Forever floating

Never to be forgotten




The gears and cogs of life tick away merrily. As each face shows the length of time we have been ticking. Each pinion working at individual speed. Keeping ourselves clean and well lubricated. The happy momentum of hearts like the metronome clicking at varying speeds. Tick, tock, tick, tock. 
Picture – Pinterest




The cool breeze of your breath on the back of my neck

Makes the trickle of moisture glide effortlessly over supple skin

I await your closeness and that soft subtle peck

As hands roam hungrily over clothes to find flesh 

Bodies unite as two souls entwine, now and forever as one


From Behind 

From Behind 
My neck – Lick it

Your mouth – Dip it

My lips – Nip it

Your tongue – Flick it
My hips – Buck

Your lips – Suck

Thoughts – Amuck

Souls – Stuck


Photo taken from Tumblr