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This is a growing Connection
Moving in the same Direction 
Not aware of my Imperfection 

This could be natural Selection 
You are the ultimate Perfection 

Never experienced in my Recollection 

In my blood like an Infection 

Let me play with your Erection šŸ˜ˆ



An early Christmas present

Music rhythmically beat frantically through the room. Glasses were clinking with the subtle vibrations. Topping up my glass with the spicy flavour of Mulled Wine I scanned the room. Office party they said, you’ll love it they said. I wasn’t convinced.  

Everyone acting friendly and false. Mindless chatter was bouncing around the walls. I continued to watch thinking I could be at home, snuggled up reading about my latest book boyfriends antics whilst enjoying the ride too. 

“Hey,” A firm male voice interrupted my thoughts. 

“Hey yourself, did you want me to pour you a drink?”

The main boss towered above me with an immaculate suit, clean shaven and pristine hair. Mature, divorced with grown up children. I wasn’t phased about his power or his money. I liked my job and did it well. He was constantly looking for yes men, or in my case, yes women. 

“Yes please, I’ll have a large whiskey. Might as well, I’ve already booked a taxi home.”

“Ahh you were a Boy Scout? ” I smirked. 


“Always prepared Mr Oxbridge!”

“Oh I see, no I wasn’t actually but I do think it is good to be prepared.”He paused then continued.

“Are you always prepared Ms Bookie?”

“Usually, I suppose I am..”

“Were you prepared for this.” He gestured to the room a busy mass of people. 

“Again, I suppose, it’s an office with a party happening. So it’s an office party.” 

“Got much planned for the break?” He quizzed me. 

“Not much, reading, chilling and catching up with family. You?”

“Yes the same.”

“Ooo look at you pair becoming so pally, people will talk.” A high pitched female tinkle interrupted us.  

“Let them.” I said and winked as I glanced at my work colleague Louise. She hip bumped me out of the way and edged in between us. 

I drained my glass and topped up again. That was the first conversation I had had with Mr Oxbridge and it felt like it wasn’t the last. 

“Must mingle, catch you both later.”

I moved away and chatted to one of the other members of the team. 

The evening carried along at a gentle momentum and it didn’t seem quite so bad. The alcohol was endlessly flowing and I hadn’t realised how much I had actually drunk. Eeek, I best reign it in or I’d be the next office gossip story. 

Thinking it was time to leave the party and head home I started to gather my things together and make my way out of the building. I walked to the lift and waited for the lights. 

“You’re not going now are you?”

I turned and saw Louise, she was so lovely. Always do anything for you. Usually discussing guys she had met from the recent dating site she had joined. 

“I am yes, I’ll get a taxi I’ve got a soak in the bath booked and a large glass of Merlot with my name on it.” I replied. She continued to keep me there. 

“Busy weekend?”

“Not really. You?” I replied quickly. 

“Another date, he’s meeting me in a coffee shop. I think this is the one.” Tugging my bag on my shoulder I was ready to depart so politely replied.

“Text me and let me know how it goes.”

“Always.” Louise sang to me. 

We kissed each other’s cheeks and with a quick hug I was safely in the lift. 

I was just starting to relax and let the alcohol leave me with a warm fuzzy head when the lift door opened and my eyes flew up. 

In stepped Mr Oxbridge. Wearing a woollen full length coat. I smiled. 

“You leaving this early too? I thought you were prepared for an all nighter?”

“Early to bed, early to rise, it totally works.” He raised his eyebrows as he said it. 

“Really?” I casually replied. 

He hit the button to carry on down and then I noticed. 

He was wearing leather driving gloves. He pulled the second one on after he had pressed the button. I don’t know what came over me but those gloves made me bite my lip and make a very low sigh. He looked concerned.

“You okay?”

“Me, yes! I think I shouldn’t have drunk so much.” I babbled. 

“Do you have a lift?” He inquired. 

“No I’m going to hail a taxi on the kerbside. I should be able to get one. The last Friday before Christmas and they all want the fare.” I cheekily said. 

“Why don’t you share mine?” Shocked I said. “Me?”

“Yes, I don’t bite. Well not unless you ask me to.” He said with a cheeky glint.

I looked him straight in the eyes. This was wrong. This was so not what should be happening. Yet I was feeling bold and reckless due to the Mulled wine. 

“Erm, no I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I looked at the floor shyly. 

“I think it’s a very good idea.” Brashly he replied. 

I tried not to read too much into it, so I agreed. 

“Okay, if you’re sure?”

“Of course. My taxi driver will be glad of the tip.”

We left the building and headed out on to the crowded street. There were people everywhere. Christmas was in full swing every sense was catered for. The lights twinkled above us, whilst the noise of traffic invaded our ears, the smell of fast food and Mulled Wine lingered on the air. Frantic hustle and bustle of bodies with numerous parcels were directly in front of us. I looked at my boss as he looked at me. I sheepishly said.

“A tad busy.”

I could sense the alcohol reacting with the night air and felt myself slightly wobble. He felt me fall gently towards him. He grabbed my hand and said. 

“Come on, my taxi is this way. Stick with me.”

The feel of his gloved hand holding on to mine as he pulled me urgently through the crowded streets. I felt my resistance descend and could happily let him lead me anywhere. 
This wasn’t like me. What was I thinking. Next thing I knew I was being hustled into a black cab. Firm hands eased me into the leather seat and I could feel the movement of the taxi as we started. I sensed a friction, an electricity within the enclosed space and instantly felt very warm. 

As I tried to move my hand I could feel I was still holding his. Awkward. 

I pulled away quickly. 

“Sorry, I must have drunk more than I thought.”

“Please don’t be sorry, I should be apologising. I had to pull you through, the crowds, they were heaving and I thought I would lose you.”

“Well let’s call it quits.” I smiled at him and saw what seemed like shooting stars reflecting in his eyes. I lingered longer than I should of as I watched them sparkle. 

“Are you okay Ms Bookie?”

“Yes, hmm, sorry. Shooting stars, they’re in your eyes.”

“What?” He replied looking perplexed. 

“The Christmas lights reflecting in your eyes, whizzing as we drive past them.” I stumbled over my words. “You really are a delight to watch Ms Bookie.”


“Yes, you.”

“Why so? What? Are you teasing me?” I questioned him. 

“No but given half the chance I would.”

I must have looked completely dumfounded as the next thing that happened was quite a shock. 

Firm soft lips were on mine…and I was responding. So cliche but I was sitting in the back of a black cab, kissing my boss after a Christmas party. 

I started to pull away but I really didn’t want to. 

A gloved hand came up to my cheek. I may have growled a little. The smell of the leather engulfed my nostrils. The feel of the softness caressing my cheek. I couldn’t pull away, my hands instantly went up to his hair and I pulled him in further. Our tongues were on fire as they danced elegantly, sliding and probing within our mouths. He relaxed and our bodies converged together. A heated mass of one solid being. 

A noise brought me back to my senses. I prised my eyes open and instantly felt the coldness of no body heat on me. He had pulled away. I was left sitting on the seat with wet pink plump lips and a sleepy look in my eyes. A male voice sharply said.

“We’re here.”

Confused I replied. “Where?”

“My house.”


“My house, come on?”Mr Oxbridge seemed to be getting frustrated. 

That gloved hand locked into place again around my fingers and I was pulled from the taxi in one go. 

The coldness of the air hit me as I straighten up. 

“I don’t think this is a good idea?” I wavered.

“Yet your lips tells me differently Ms Bookie.” He replied with one cocked eyebrow. 

“Well I’m not quite sure why my body is reacting this way, it doesn’t usually.” I replied apologetically. 

Normally I was in control, never the other way round. What was happening? Why was my boss having this effect on me? 

I looked up at him and his air of control just hit me. I slowly nodded my head. Sternly I said.


“Okay?” He questioned me. 

“Let’s go inside and discuss this further.” I said in my best authoritative voice. 

The glint in his eye seemed sharper. 

“Ahh Ms Bookie you have your negotiation head on. I don’t believe I will win.”

I looked transfixed as he raised one gloved hand and stroked his chin. If he used those gloves to stroke anywhere on my body I knew he would. 

We headed inside. He was the perfect gentleman, I was in the position of feet tucked underneath me on his oversize sofa. With both hands cradling a large crystal glass of Brandy. The fire was roaring and the festive smell of pine and cinnamon filled the room. He sat before me, he had removed his jacket, with one large hand wrapped round a similar glass, now free of leather gloves and intimidation. 

“Would you like me to call you a taxi? I can see I was being quite forward with you. I apologise.” He looked apprehensive as he asked. 

My head was far more levelled now and I could definitely think more clearly without the gloves being at the forefront of my mind. 

“I am incredibly flattered, but I think we both know this isn’t a good idea.” I nodded as I spoke. 

“On the contrary I would very much enjoy exploring your body Ms Bookie. If you would let me of course.” He cheekily replied. 

“Well that is very forward of you Mr Oxbridge.” 

“One night, no one need know or we could make it a regular thing?” He replied in his usual office voice. 

“Ahhh you are a romantic I see?” I said sarcastically, smiling. 

He immediately blushed and with the sound of hurt in his voice he replied. “I didn’t think you would look twice at me therefore I was not holding out hope of seeing you in that way again.”

I instantly noticed a chink in his amour. He was usually fully in control and here with me he was showing his softer side. 

“You are much younger than me Ms Bookie and I feel l would not offer you much in the way of boyfriend material. Yet I could do things to your body that you would enjoy.”

“You wouldn’t?” I questioned. 

He looked at me with almost lost puppy dog eyes. 

“I see, you have stopped negotiations. Okay, perhaps you wouldn’t.” He said brashly. 

“No, I meant, so you wouldn’t enjoy them too?” I questioned. 

 “Of course I would. Let me take this opportunity to show you.” He replied devilishly. 

With that he moved gracefully out of his chair and took the glass from me. He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the lounge into the kitchen. There on the side my eyes locked into the pair of leather gloves. Placing both glasses on the marble surface he swirled me round and began kissing my neck from behind. My head dropped back onto his shoulder and I felt myself relax into him. Slowly his gloved hands were on my body and he gently eased my whole body over to the wall. Leaning both hands on the wall to stop myself from falling. He ran his gloved hands up under my skirt whilst still kissing my neck. My eyes closed as I felt the smoothness of his fingers travel over my stockings. He used his chest to hold me against the wall as he used his other hand to place between the wall and my breast. He tweaked and rolled my wanton nipple around his fingers as I could feel my hips start to have a mind of their own. Fingers forcefully slipped inside my fuchsia pink lace knickers and gliding inside my body. I thrust my hips into his hands. Desperately trying to reach the ultimate goal. He whispered in my ear. 

“Gosh how deliciously wet you are Ms Bookie. You feel utterly divine. Your arse is naughtily rubbing on my cock that has now awakened and is in need of a wet hole to pump into. You would love that wouldn’t you.”

Driven by his forcefulness and the feel of those gloves I mewled

“Yes please.”

His fingers slowly moved to a beckoning position and I could feel myself clench around him. 

“Oh!” “Yes!” “Please!” I breathlessly uttered each word. 

“Good girl!” He rewarded.

My whole body spasmed and my breathing became frantic. He carried on kissing my neck as the world seemed to come back into focus. 

I was swivelled around again and lowered to my knees. 

Still a little disorientated I looked up from my position to see him unzipping a rather large bulge in his suit trousers. There in my face was a magnificent beast. I had to taste. I plunged my lips over the length and sucked hard. My cheeks hollowed as I deeply took all of him into my mouth. Licking, sucking, lathering my tongue from base to tip. Using my hands to cup and gently squeeze. He held my head with those gloved hands again. Rubbing his thumbs over my cheeks. Spurring me on. I greedily nibbled and stroked him. His head dropped back and I knew he was close. Sealing my lips over the top I tickled the rim with my tongue as I pressed him into the roof of my mouth. He thrust into my face and gushed warmly down my throat. His taste was uniquely delicious. I swallowed hungrily and licked up every last drop. This had made me even more horny and I now wanted to play with him. I came up from my kneeling position and kissed him. Forcing my tongue between his lips. Letting him taste himself on me. He responded and groaned in delight. I pushed his body back against the wall and kissed out over his lips and across his neck. I started to loosen his tie. He responded well so I pulled him over and sat him on the wooden kitchen chair. 

“Put your hands behind.”

“My Ms Bookie what are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing you won’t enjoy.”

He smiled as I moved round to the side of the chair, using his silk tie to fasten both hands to the chair. 

Bending down I removed my knickers, which were now quite wet, I rolled them into a ball and placed them in his suit jacket which was hanging over the door. 

I grabbed hold of both corners of the chair.

“What are you doing?”

“What I like. You had your turn, now it’s mine.”

I tipped him back in the chair so I could lay it on the floor. He looked quite helpless. Perfect. I stood legs apart over his head. He looked directly up. 

“Now we’re talking.”

“No.! There will be no more talking.”

With that I bent down over him and sat on his face. I used his face for my personal pleasure. He pushed his tongue into me as I steadied myself by holding onto the right angle position of his knees on the chair in front of me. Moving in motion, forward and backward, I thrust myself over the wetness of his succulent tongue. Becoming quite warm now I removed my blouse. I reached down and scooped both breasts out of my pink bra and caressed each nipple. I gyrated over him at a more meaningful pace as I could feel my body in need of release. Everything felt deliciously wet as my stockinged thighs rubbed against his cheeks. He worked his tongue well and pleased me. I was surprised he had let me put him in this position and the thought made me grind onto his tongue more. 

“Keep going. That’s it, I like that.”

His cock twitched against my breasts, leaving a trail of pre cum on my bra, as I spoke to him. 

“You like doing what you’re told don’t you. You like being my dirty boy.”

“Mmm.” He mumbled.

“I didn’t say stop! Faster! Now!” I firmly ordered. 

My body reacted to the quick flicks of his tongue and I peaked to a mind blowing orgasm. 

Leaning forward over his knees I slowly lifted myself off him. 

“Thank you.” He gratefully said.

I laughed. “You’re saying thank you to me?”

“I’ve never had a woman take control before. My wife left me to it most of the time. She wasn’t the type to take the lead.” 

“Shame.” I winked and smiled at him. As I stood there I looked round the kitchen. I opened cupboards. 

“Where is your Brandy?”

“In the cupboard at the bottom, there next to your leg.”

“Ahh. Perfect.” I replied pouring myself another glass of Brandy, whilst he lay on the floor tied to the chair. His face was glistening under the kitchen lights as he was still licking his lips. 

“I’m glad you liked it. Call it an early Christmas present Mr Oxbridge.” I smirked. 


Flavoured kisses

Flavoured kisses
Sitting on knees

Eyes looking up

Unbutton jeans

Intense buildup

The click of zip

Biting of lip

Ready to strip

Tongue slick

A needing 

A want

Throbbing springs forth

Teasing licks north

Succulent salivating 

Penetrative pulsating

Hungry wishes

Your flavoured kisses