Now or never 

These thoughts that fill my mind

Are the real me I finally find 

Is it too late to start a new

As chances become far and few

So act quickly it’s now or never

This will be my final endeavour 

The chrysalis cracks I break free

I can now be the actual me




Firework Delight Night

Come hither boy, bring your rocket

I can see it poking out your pocket
At arms length it is steady, hands warmed at the ready
Red hot and throbbing, bouncing and fiercely bobbing
One touch to the very tip has my Catherine wheels fully lit
I’ll be screaming and whizzing watch the display become sizzling
A bang with loud impact, primed to playfully react
A shattering of particles, smattering of beautiful sparkles
A spectacular display, a dazzling array. 
You and I bring fireworks to play. 


Kisses from you

I love sloppy wet kisses and pecks on my nose,

I love lingering long lasting kisses to curl my toes.

I love deep forceful kisses with passion a must,

I love blindfolded kisses, in your lips I trust.

I love quick kisses of goodbye and hello too,

But most of all I love any kisses that are from you.