Wandering thoughts

Is it so wrong that I want to sit on your face
Bounce up and down with no time to waste

Grind into your tongue leave my juice on your chin

Press warm thighs on your cheeks to revel in sin

Pull me in closer with arms around so tight

I’ll wriggle and squirm with sheer utter delight

Pure passion is bubbling and rising ready to burst 

As I ride furiously building up a desiring thirst

One for your body, your engorged pert member

As he bounces in rhythm upon your belly,a flared ember

Loosening your grip and leaning forward a little

Salivary glands burst, tongue wet ready to release spittle

Grabbed firmly, circled with painted pink nails

Plump lips to juicy cock, linking with rope trails

Deep lingering sucks as I plunge ravenously on your dick

You work your tongue swiftly to flick and lick

The crescendo is coming, building deep within

Our bodies in unison, elation spreads, smug cheeky grin 




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