Do you taste of jelly Haribo? 


Do you taste of jelly Haribo?
I have the need to let my tongue flow

Over your skin, from head to toe! 😈


2 thoughts on “Do you taste of jelly Haribo? ”

  1. I prefer other sweet things to nibble on….

    NIBBLING…..(part one? – maybe…)

    I pull you tight close to me

    as I’m stood behind

    lean into your neck

    so perfumed and refined…

    you feel my breath

    getting ever near

    my hands gently sweep

    silken hair away from your ear…

    I move closer

    tongue towards your lobe

    then very gently

    mouth your aural globe…

    so soft and pliant

    you wriggle and sigh

    I subtly nibble

    and then hear you cry…

    with passion and pleasure

    sensations undefined

    I nibble a little

    you submit, curve your spine…

    as if to implore

    tho’ I barely hear

    you want more

    nibbling of your ear…

    …and then my tongue and teeth wander…

    gently where? …Do you wonder?


    And as my tongue and teeth

    slowly slide beneath

    you quiver…

    at your neck I concentrate

    nibble here, lick there, to sate

    you shiver…

    so smooth and slim

    and at a whim

    I bite…

    ‘tween neck and shoulder

    getting bolder

    sheer delight…

    from your necks’ nape

    our eyes wide all agape

    to the curves at the peak…

    of shoulders taught but giving

    skin alive and living

    lower down, I seek…

    trail of tongue delights

    little nips, tender bites

    hands yet to roam as well…

    I turn you around

    kiss your lips so profound

    then watch your peaks as they swell…

    tongue slides, teeth glide

    towards proffered delights…?


    Hesitantly, I

    pleasantly eye

    perfection before my eyes…

    leaning in

    excitement within

    succulence I must try…

    my lips surround

    a hardened peak I’ve found

    and then begin to nibble…

    as they engorge

    I must gorge

    myself, you cannot quibble…

    I could linger for hours

    melting in your powers

    but must head further down…

    my tongue slides across

    your silken sweat embossed

    stomach and ribs and waist…

    so smooth and warm

    and now my hands swarm

    all over you at a pace…

    stroking and caressing

    with your fervent blessing

    I roam whever you please…

    fingers and hands

    whatever you’re demands

    I worship at your knees…

    and now from your feet

    I nibble toes so sweet

    and caress and kiss your calves

    your minds all a quaking

    your body is shaking

    I never do things by halves…

    over sensuous skin

    and trembling within

    all over you I now plunder…

    and so as my tongue soothes

    up thighs, so wonderfully smooth

    are you beginning to wonder…?

    where next I seek to adore?

    perhaps we will need a part four?


    As I gently but fervently, nibble and kiss

    my way towards your heavenly bliss

    savouring the flavours of moistness so near

    tongue leading, teeth follow, making the way clear

    for the final act of this erotic trip

    you pull me closer and then my lips

    reach the point of their desire

    fruity, warm, pure liquid fire

    my tongue teases, gently lapping

    eyes now closed, mentally mapping

    the route to the final glorious goal

    from my tongue to the depths of your soul

    the joyous climax to a journey now reached

    yes, yes, yes, you scream and beseech

    one last gasp of fragrant air

    before I swallow you whole and bare

    make me, take me, now! not maybe!…

    Oh, how I love nibbling at Jelly Babies!!!

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