Protect Your Breasts

If you only do one thing this year then give a donation to a very worthwhile cause. #PYB is the vision of one lady that has grown enormously.

PYB stands for Protect Your Breasts, which means checking your #tattybojangles (boobs) once a month to recognise the signs of your body and if it changes. This is so important and not just a female issue. All #PYB ask is that you spend ten minutes a month doing a check that could save many hours of stress if detected early. With that in mind the leader of #PYB had an unique idea to recruit 28 authors who have written a book with one photograph for inspiration.
Please help by donating to help fund more research into Cancer and as a thank you, you can have access to a truly unique creative book. 

One click the link below. 
Follow @PYB_Cancer on Twitter and Facebook. Spread the word not the stress.
Let’s stand united, chest to breast and kick
Cancer’s butt!


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