Laughing until weeping

Three different generations 

Thoughts provide stimulation

Moments of procrastination

It’s starts like a vibration
Gentle sighs start seeping

Bursts of outrageous bleating

An abundance of shrieking 

Laughing until weeping
Magical moments in time

A warm glow so fine

As the clock does chime

Us in our prime
©Ickle_Bookie #AshVerse
Making Christmas cards with my Mum and daughter, as we giggled and made memories, inspired this post. 



Sold my soul

You are deliciously decadent 

A forbidden fruit

Feel you before I see you

The taste of pleasure

Quenching my thirst

An aroma that lingers

Igniting my heart

Beating stronger, faster 

Awakening my mind

Body given willingly

Irrevocably sold my soul

To You



Wandering thoughts

Is it so wrong that I want to sit on your face
Bounce up and down with no time to waste

Grind into your tongue leave my juice on your chin

Press warm thighs on your cheeks to revel in sin

Pull me in closer with arms around so tight

I’ll wriggle and squirm with sheer utter delight

Pure passion is bubbling and rising ready to burst 

As I ride furiously building up a desiring thirst

One for your body, your engorged pert member

As he bounces in rhythm upon your belly,a flared ember

Loosening your grip and leaning forward a little

Salivary glands burst, tongue wet ready to release spittle

Grabbed firmly, circled with painted pink nails

Plump lips to juicy cock, linking with rope trails

Deep lingering sucks as I plunge ravenously on your dick

You work your tongue swiftly to flick and lick

The crescendo is coming, building deep within

Our bodies in unison, elation spreads, smug cheeky grin 



Blind date

Blind date
The sigh left her lips 

As her eyes caressed his image

A beautiful moment

Hours spent talking

This encounter but seconds

Yet not anxious anymore

Eyes locked, familiarising

Let the first meeting begin

Fundamental touch, electric

A buzz, a glow, a connection
#V @voetry


If eyes could speak

If eyes could speak, what would they say? Would you hear the anxieties and stresses of the day,

Would you hear the yearns and squirms of lust,

Of the need for your dominance, respect and trust,

Take my lead, look longingly into my eyes,

Can you read the quickening of breath, warmth between thighs

What do your eyes see, what do you hear?

My heaving breast with inhibitions set to disappear





Good morning.

Excuse me, could you help me please?

I believe so.

Could you possible fit me in please?

What service do you require? 

Pleasure please. 

Of course. 

Stroking of the clitoris please.

Firmly or gently? 

Varying degrees of pressure please.

To the point of no return? 

Yes! Please! 

Image from Pinterest.