The Quick Lift

I had just got in the car after an amazingly stressful day at work! The smell of the air freshener was filling my lungs as my hands rested at ten to two on the steering wheel. The car park was quiet, all but the tinny echo left over from me closing my door which was now bouncing all round and off of the metal girders. I closed my eyes and dropped my head onto my chest whilst letting out a well needed sigh. What a day! 


The passenger door started to open. My eyes flicked open and I saw the smiling face of my younger male colleague. He was beaming at me. 

“I couldn’t be cheeky and ask for a lift home could I.” he said whilst offering a cheeky wink. 

I looked at the clock, I was late leaving already so it wouldn’t really matter. Also apart from my cat who would be expecting me home. 

“Yes, of course, jump in. Where do want me to take you?”

“Ahh now there is an open ended question..”

“Is it?” 

“Are you not going home? Don’t tell me you’re on a promise from a harem of ladies…you’re just not sure where they are based?” I smiled back. 

He offered a chuckle with a cough that made me think I may have been close to the truth. 

Starting the engine and clicking on my seat belt I checked my mirrors and started to get the car moving. 

As I looked over my shoulder to reverse I actually looked at my colleague. You know what it’s like you don’t actually look at them, you nod on arrival, you exchange smiles when you gang up on the managers during staff briefings and you raise your chin and look sad to leave them as you go. You never actually look at them. So what was he like. He was about ten years younger than me. Brown hair that looked like it was cut into a nice sharp quiff style but growing out. Eyes that held a very cheeky sparkle. This guy could offer flattery and get exactly what he wanted…hence how I was now his chauffeur and he still had to tell me where we were going..


“I’m staying at a mates house and I’m not quite sure of the address, if you head out of town towards the next village I’ll see a sign and know where I am.”

Well this sounded like it was going to be more than just a straightforward lift home. 

“Are you having me on?”

“No seriously, I would really appreciate you taking me. I’m not sure of the buses and I haven’t got enough on me for a taxi, also not having the address the taxi driver probably wouldn’t take me…look at me.”

So I stopped the car, safely of course, and looked at him. Here he sat open armed in my car, face now quite serious. He was wearing grey suit trousers, a shirt and tie with a navy Pringle jumper and a Leary red leather bikers jacket. Which was odd because as far as I knew he didn’t own a bike or car? He was obviously use to getting by on his wit, charm and cheeky banter. 

“Okay, if we head out that way then you start giving me other directions I will be dropping you off and you’ll have to fend for yourself.” I said sternly. “Agreed.” 

The corners of his smile seemed to hook onto both ears and he gave another cheeky dazzling wink. 

These boys, what I would like to spend a while and teach him. Gosh, where did that thought come from…

“So what is your taste like..?”

I was momentarily confused, my taste? 

“Erm… In?”

“Your iPod music…”

“Ahh. My music tastes? I see.”


“Well have a look through, I’m sure there will be plenty you can rib me about.”

“Oh wow you like that one…”

Eek he had chosen Chaka Demus & Pilers – Tease me….he turned it up fully then started waving his hands about singing loudly. Every now and then he gyrated his hips. I couldn’t help myself I was dumbfounded, here he was this cute guy, singing and dancing in my car without the aid of alcohol or money. 

I threw my head back and giggled, 

“So you like this one then?”

“Yes I love this one…well it’s on par with Hakuna Matata really.”

“What? From the Lion King?”

“Yes, totally! I love that one…do you have it?”

He started scanning my iPod for Disney songs.

“No I don’t I’m afraid. Had I known you were putting in requests I would have loaded it ready. I would of liked to see you sing that.” I smiled. 

He gave me a huge smile and said he knew all the words and would be honoured to sing it for me as I was taking him home. It was the least he could do. 

Well I was completely shocked when he started at the very beginning and carried on till the very end, even with key changes for the difference in Timon and Pumbas solo parts. I could not stop giggling. He was hilarious.

“Did you learn it for a bet?”


“The song, did you learn it for a bet? ”

“No way, my niece loves it but my sister doesn’t like me singing it with her because we giggle when Pumba farts.” 

Oh my gosh…could this guy be any more adorable. Here he was, known in the office as an encouragable flirt, easy on the eye, gift of the gab and he was chatting freely with me about watching Disney films with his niece. 

“Well I wasn’t expecting that.”

“How old?”

“25, you?” 

“Me? No, I meant your niece, how old?”

“I know what you meant.”

He looked at me and I didn’t know where to look so I did what I should be doing and faced the road. 

Unfortunately we were pulling up at traffic light. 

“39.” I said sheepishly. 

“I thought so.”

“Really? So I look that old.”

I instantly felt deflated but oh well I needed to stop thinking I was in my twenties and grow up I suppose. 

“Not at all actually, you sound much younger on the phone too.”

“What? How have you heard me on the phone?” My mind raced thinking when I had spoken to him on the phone? 

“I had to listen to a few of your calls, Debbie asked me too, to get an idea how you close the sale so quickly.” 

“Oh I see.” My mind instantly calmed. I was often given trainees to train and had my calls listened to to help other employees. 

“So what did you think?”


“Awesome? My selling technique, trying to steal my tactics eh?”

“Not at all, your voice is awesome. You are so firm with the customers, they just agree to you. I would be the same. You could probably ask me to do anything and I’d do it.” 

I realised my mouth had dropped open and I needed to close it before I started dribbling. Was he coming on to me? Was he actually giving me the go ahead to take control… 

“Keep going..”

“Keep going…what?” I looked at him.

He was pointing at the next turning. 

Get your head back in the game young lady, you look desperate! 

“Ahh, is it along here?” I said

“This looks really familiar.” 


I looked at the clock and it was nearly 8pm. I would need to stop off at Sainsbury’s on the way home and grab a pizza to throw in the oven. It just hit me, I was starving! 

“I really do appreciate this, honestly, if there is anything I could do for you, you know you only need to say. I would do it for you.” 

“Well now you come to mention it…” I laughed. 

“Anything, I’m serious!”

“My guttering really needs looking at and I could do with a hand if you’re free?” 

His face dropped. 

“Guttering, yeah, sure. I’m not in work tomorrow, I could pop over. Are you about?”

“I am, are you sure you don’t mind? I was actually joking, but if you have nothing planned I would really appreciate the help.”

“Of course. Here it is just park up outside.”
We pulled up at the kerb outside a very small bungalow, not bachelor pad material at all. He got out of the car and looked back at me very seriously.

“I really am very grateful for this. I’ll be over at 8am, is that too early?”

“Not at all. I would much prefer to get it done then have the rest of the day for other things.” I smiled and faced forward. It all of a sudden felt quite awkward. 

What, I saw in front of my eyes he was coming to my side of the car.

I looked to the passenger seat.

“Have you left something?” I looked back at where I thought he would be and his face was inline with mine. He was kneeling next to the car with both his hands holding down the window. 

“Are you okay?” 

“I was just going to ask if I could put in a Disney request for tomorrow.”

He leaned in the car, right near my ear. 

“I didn’t want to shout and let the neighbourhood know I was I big softie. You have to keep up appearances you know.” 

He leaned back so he was in front of my face and winked. Kissed my cheek then got back up into a standing position. 

“Thanks again. See you tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to give me your orders.”
He walked to the door and was gone. 

I was sitting still holding the steering wheel wondering what just happened. My fingers were gripping so tightly my knuckles had gone white. 
I drove home on autopilot as my head tried to process what had actually happened. I must have read the signals wrong. There was no way he wanted me to instruct him into doing things…did he?

I managed to stop at Sainsbury’s to collect sustenance and a couple of bottles of wine to help irradicate unwanted thoughts of a scenario that involved that man under my command. 

The evening was blurred into catch up television, a soak in the bath and copious amounts of red wine. I crawled into bed, my head sunk into the pillow and I forced my eyes to shut out images that could get me into trouble. 
A random arrangement of bells rang to let me know it was time to get up and morning was upon me. 

I hit my phone and the noise stilled. 

I was still blurry eyed and in that unknown oblivion as to if it was a work day or not. The bleep of a text message went off. Yes it was day off and confirmation of an appointment later reminded me. 

I snuggled back down, an extra five minutes would be very welcome. 

As I pulled the duvet up it stroked softly over my nipples. I instantly thought of the guttering and the offer from my charming helper. His cheeky smiles and the glint in his eye crossed my mind. Our discussion of his appreciation of my voice kept going round my head, trying to logically comprehend what he was actually trying to imply with his words. My mind started to wander and I started to think about what I could command him to do. What pleasures I could receive from a few hours of him helping me. As the images flooded my mind my hands started to stroke my body. I cupped my breasts and rubbed my thumbs over each nipple. They instantly became responsive and erect. I let out a small sigh as I placed my fingers over my nipples and squeezed them gently. I was so horny. I carried on caressing my body under the duvet with my hands getting slowly further and further lower. Using one hand over my warm skin I reached inside my knickers and could feel the tickle of the hair below my fingers, the heat making them naturally gravitate towards it. Wanting to touch, to stroke, to feel the warm wet stickiness of inside. I placed one hand on my nipple and the other I guided in between my soft lips. The heat was electric. I pushed in further and instinctively slipped in a finger. My body started to buck as my fingers became deft at plunging in and out or pinching my pert cherry nipple. I slowly pulled my hot moist finger out and ran it up my skin leaving a wet sticky trail as I leaned across to collect my 6 inch dildo from the drawer. I had an ache for something solid and substantial inside me and this would have to do. Thrusting it in I gasped, yes this is just what I needed. Deep, hard and relentless. I guided it in and out. The sucking sloppy sound as I pulled it between my lips only spurred me on to continue. I pushed it further in with my hand and brought my hips up to greet it. Using my thumb I rubbed my nub with the same tempo. Frantically I worked the glossy length inside me as I coated it with a glistening sheen from my lubricated lips. Pulling and pushing in a regular rhythmic beat. Moaning with pleasure my body moved back and forward, in and out, tweaking and rubbing. So many sensations filled my body and mind. I was so close. The yearning and need was building in my belly. A heat crept over my body as I was close to relief. Then it happened the muscle spasms started and like a domino effect began to burst around the length as if it was covered in bubble wrap, I clenched the shaft filling me and groaned as I pulled it out. My breath was fast and I held the item loosely in my hand as my body was fully relaxed and everything felt heavy. I couldn’t believe how quick and frantic it had become in the end. I turned to my phone and checked the time. 7am. 

Right I really needed to get in the shower and get ready. 
The shower was powerful hot and welcome onto my body. I let the water crash over me. Washing my body I ran my fingers over everywhere I had just touched moments ago. I started to think about my work colleague again who would be arriving soon. My body still tingled and was quite sensitive as I roughly dried myself with the luxurious large bath towel. 
The doorbell rang


I looked at him leaning against my porch. I dragged my eyes over him, slowly but throughly. Hair was not as gelled as a work day, checked shirt, couple of buttons open, thin black tie, button jeans and trainers. It’s surprising how different people look out of the work place. 

“Hi I am here and at your service to do what you see fit.” He winked. Again! 

“O…kay….we are still talking about the guttering aren’t we?” I dropped my eyes and looked at what I was wearing. Denim Capri trousers with check shirt. Hmmm. We looked very twee. 

I needed to be clear. He was much younger than me and I was feeling like this could very well be a huge wind up. 

He smiled his cheekiest smile and winked again. 


“Well.?” I replied. 

“I can’t help unless you invite me in. ”

“Sorry of course.”

I turned round and walked to the kitchen. Flicked the switch on the kettle and turned to face him.

“Coffee, tea?” 

He rubbed his hands together, brought them up to his lips and blew on them. I was transfixed by how big his hands were. He rubbed them together and his lips pursed into a perfect soft Cupid’s bow. 

“Coffee. Two sugars please.”

“Ahh right could you help pass down the sugar jar, I don’t use it that often.”

He sidled up behind me and leaned over my shoulder to reach the clear jar filled with sugar. He placed it on the surface then looked directly at me. 

“Anything else I can do for you.” 

I was thinking a hundred things to suggest but I bit my lip to stop my mouth throwing out words that could make a grown man run. 

He brought his hand up to my lip and unhooked it from its wedged position. Running his thumb along the length of my lip. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to take control of the situation. I brought my hand up to his and took his hand. 

“You don’t touch unless you are asked to touch.”

“Yes, sorry. I’ll do whatever you say. ”

His eyes dropped to the floor and his arm to his side. 

I carried on making the coffee and thought I needed to be clear he was here to help with the guttering. 

I passed him his mug, walked into the garden and sat on one of the garden chairs. The air was filled with a tension that had never been there before. Wether it was because we were both out of work or what had just happened in the kitchen. He followed me out and looked up at the guttering. 

“If you show me where the ladder is I can do this. I’ve helped my dad many times. Is it just blocked with leaves?”

“I think so, or proving the Chaos Theory with the local children’s tennis balls.” 

The atmosphere seemed to ease.

“So you’re okay to do this?” I asked after I had pointed him in the direction of the ladder. 

“Yes my lady I shall do my very best to de-clutter your gutter.” Using a very poor Bert voice from Mary Poppins. Ahh the Disney music. I rushed inside and hit play on the Disney CD…that will keep him entertained. 

He merrily sang through all of the Disney songs he knew and was incredibly entertaining for my neighbours.  
He came into the house after sometime and asked to wash his hands.

“Is it possible to get another lift, I know it’s really cheeky to ask and I’ll understand if you can’t but please, pretty please with bells on.” 

That glint in his eye was sparkling again and something about his endearing mannerisms wouldn’t let me refuse. Also deep down I needed to see where this was going, if anywhere at all. 

“Okay, but I might need another service from you.”

“Ambulance or Police?” 


“Well I was practically a fireman up your ladder.” He winked again. 

Not thinking, smutty innuendo popped out of my mouth.

“What? And I didn’t even get to see your hose?”

He stepped closer completely in my personal space then looked down at me. 

“I said you only had to ask me and I’ll do anything.”

And there it was the frisson was back in the room. 
I stepped back before I grabbed him and forced him into an uncompromising position. 

“Why don’t you grab a can of something out of the fridge and I’ll just go change so I can give you a lift.” 

I rushed upstairs whipped off my Capri pants shimmed into a navy knee high fitted skirt. Rolled on a pair of navy lace hold ups and collected my navy heels from the wardrobe. 

I ran back downstairs and picked up my bag off the kitchen table. As I turned I came face to face with his back, my one weakness. Very broad shoulders rippled under his shirt. 

“You good to go?”

He whipped round and we nearly banged into one another.

“I’m always ready to go.”

“Right. Let’s then. Same place as last night?”

“Yes please. You can pull up onto the drive this time.”

“Drive? I didn’t see a drive?”

“It’s a bit weird it’s like at the side but from the back. I’ll show you, don’t worry. There’s a field on the other side.”

We made general chit chat about work and a couple of our other colleagues on our journey. 
I turned into the drive that seemed to be lined with 8ft conifers either side. Even though it was only just after 10am it was eerily dark along the drive way. 

“Right thank you so much for helping with my guttering, I really appreciate it. I think we are even now.”


“Yes two lifts in exchange for guttering duty.”

He unhooked his belt and leaned into me. He raised his hand and ran his thumb over my lip again. 

“How comes your lipstick never comes off?”

I grabbed his hand. 

“What did I say about not touching unless asked.”

“But I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for ages.”

Our eyes locked. 

“Okay, you’ll do exactly as I ask?” I prompted. 

“Absolutely, anything.”

I undid my seat belt and looked around. We couldn’t be seen by anyone. 

“Put your chair back.”

He instantly wound the chair back

“Take your tie off.”

He responded so quickly as if he knew exactly what I was going to say

“Place your hands over your head.”

I took the tie from him and tied his wrists together. His eyes told me I could do exactly what I wanted and this was what I wanted to do. 

I hitched my skirt up and hooked my fingers into my knickers I pulled them carefully off each leg, trying not to catch them on my heels. I rolled them into a ball in my hand. With my skirt hitched I moved over and straddled him as he laid on the chair next to me with his arms above his head. His eyes watched me intently and the sparkle remained the whole time. He seemed to be a buzz of energy, moving yet still. Everything I was doing seemed to provoke a response and emotion.

I ran my purple glossy nails up his shirt and carried on unbuttoning a few more so I could feel his chest. He had skin that was lickable so I rested my tongue down and walked it over his collar and neck. Every now and then planting both lips onto his hot taught skin. The heat from his jeans was mingling with the heat from me and the need was ripe in the air. The contrast of his rough denim jeans and my soft thighs just above my delicate lace stockings. 

“So you’ll do anything I say?”

“I would do anything for you.”




“I’ve liked you for ages, I thought you knew that?”

“Nope, never. Sorry.”

“Oh gutted, there was me throwing out my best chat up lines and you didn’t even hear them.”

And before he could say anymore I stuffed my knickers in his mouth. His eyes rolled into his head and he gave a feral growl like moan. 

I could feel movement on my thigh as his member was increasing in size. 

“You said you’ll do anything for me, yes?”

A mumbled “mmmm” came out from the screwed up lingerie. 

“Good boy.”

Another growl 

“So you’ll lay there and let me ride you till I say so, yes?”


“Good boy.”

As I looked into his eyes my fingers travelled down to the buttons on his jeans popping each one off slowly. I licked my lips and looked from his face to a glistening juicy cock that pinged out from the buttons. 

“Commando? You are a naughty boy.”

I unhooked my legs from him and slipped between his, nestling myself on my knees in the foot well. I plunged his glossy tip into my mouth and sucked hard, licking up all the pre cum that had began to leak as soon as I had it in my hand. He watched at first but then just growled again and dropped his head back. He was trying to say words but it was all coming out muffled. My salivary glands burst in my mouth as my tastebuds began to work overtime with the variety of glorious flavours. 

I licked and sucked carefully and his young fresh clean skin tasted delicious. In my kneeling position I started to press my thighs together. I was so ready to try him on for size. I crawled back up him and using my fingers placed him between my now very slick lips. I whimpered as he stretched me a warm delicious burn right at my core. I held on to the headrest and bucked my hips over him. Sliding up and down on his fountain of youth. Bouncing and clenching as I went up and came down. His body was becoming rigid. 

“Don’t cum!”


“Be a good boy and do as you are told. Not yet.”

I pumped up and down as if we were a finely tuned piston providing our own lubricant. His teeth clenched onto my knickers in his mouth and I could see him squirming desperate to cum. 

The rhythm was relentless and I was enjoying the girth of him as he filled me. I pushed down with my legs on the floor and I shuddered over him as my orgasm ripped through me. His chest was wet with sweat and I couldn’t deny him anymore. 

“Cum for me!” I ordered 

And with a thrust of his hips and his feet holding him steadfast he spurted into me with full force. His arms came over the headrest and pinned me to him. He used his tongue to push my knickers out of his mouth and kissed me with such vigour I could feel myself melting into him. Our lips meshed, melded, our tongues wet and juicy danced with each other. So hot and delicious. And in that moment we bathed in the afterglow that ignorance is bliss.

Wether it was because he was younger, a work colleague or the thought of getting caught we were both buzzing from our very quick quickie. 


What do you see?

When you look at me, what do you see?Do you see the girl I used to be?

Do you see the strength you gave to me? 

Do you see the spirit you inspired to be free?

What do you see when you look at me? 

You say gorgeous but I disagree.

I see a stronger more capable me.

A woman who inspires others to be free.

You, you gave that to me. 

You are the reflection that I see. 

© @ickle_bookie

Picture from Pinterest.