Kiss me like you mean it

Kiss me like you mean it

Taste me and bite my lip
Force me against the door
Press into me let me feel more
Run your tongue from ear to neck
Breathing falters but I need a sec
Time is not given, but taken. 
My body comes alive, to awaken
Holding my wrists above my head
Nothing is spoken, nothing is said
A thirst, a need, a craving, a wanting
Your fingers create an aching taunting
Ripping of blouse,popping of buttons
Teeth biting, nibbling like a glutton
Fingertips searching inside of bra
Jewel found, breath stops,withdraw
Body moves with the sway of hips
A squeeze, a tweak,rub of thumb tip
Head drops back as lips latch on
Chest heaves, breath is now strong
Fingers slip under elastic to feel heat
Cold digits slip smoothly in,so neat
Dipping & delving perfectly lubricated
Sticky sweet juice has accumulated 
Fingers brought to lips,tongue lap
Sucking sounds lips smoothly smack
A taste of heaven, yearning for more
Craving needs, knees drop to the floor. 

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