Weapon of Choice.

Use on me your weapon of choice
Break down my barriers

Choke me with your words

Lash me with your tongue

Pierce my locked soul

Dissolve my despair 

Strip me of my insecurities

Unburden me of my worries

Beat me into submission to accept

Your kindness

Your attention

Your worship

Your adoration

Your love


Strip Me

Strip Me
Strip me of my clothes

Snatch me of all my money

Steal me of all my possessions 

Because under it all I still have

Naked passion

Passion for you

Passion that burns from my very core

Heated with desire

Raw and unfathomable

Roaring from my deepest innermost point
Only for you


Photo taken from Pinterest. 

The Tapestry of You

The tapestry of you

Every colour every hue makes up part of you.
Intricately woven so carefully chosen.

Sliver silhouette cast by iridescent moon.

Warm hazy golds and soaring Suns noon.

The diverse spectrum is continuous, my soul is imbued.   



Sitting here as I breathe
Thoughts of you cloud my mind
Listening to each inhale, exhale
Rain patters against the window
Drumming a rhythmic pattern
A swirling kaleidoscope of colours galore
Pulling me in and pushing me forward
Comprehending how I find
Inner peace
Eyes are closed yet heart open
A unique sense of clarity


Once as free as a butterfly.

Yet now tangled in the constraints of my own mind.
Cocooned in the confinement of society’s structure.
Enclosed in my own restricting wings.
Crumpled to the core.

Friday afternoon service. 

The photocopier room is way too tiny and the machine gets way too hot. I had slipped off my shoes as my feet were sore after dancing last night. Note to self, don’t go out on a school night. As the room began to get hotter and the recurring sound of the photocopier began to surround me I felt lulled into a hypnotic state and found myself swaying to and fro very close to the machine. The handle of the door to the room made a click and brought me back to reality. The door didn’t open but I felt I needed to wake up so I pulled my jumper up over my head to try to cool myself down and wake myself up. As the thick material pulled over my tight buttoned blouse my nipples began to tingle. Gosh I was so horny and in need of relieving. An ache had started and now needed pursuing, but how? Just as the photocopier had finished its last ream of paper and I was leaning down to load the machine, the door edged open. “Oh sorry. I’m here to look at the photocopier.” I looked under my arm at this gorgeous guy with dark hair and wide set shoulders. Spinning round on my nylons I whizzed a little too quick and caught the button on my blouse as I came up to a standing position. With flushed cheeks, from the heat, my hair dishevelled and now a creamy cleavage on full display, I was feeling like a silly school girl  which was so not me. “Oh, hi, erm…this one? But it seems to be working?” 

As I looked at him he had a glint in his eye as he looked into my eyes then down at my popped button accident and my over spilling boobs. Trying to pull my blouse together, smooth down my skirt and slipping my heels back on, I steadied myself holding onto the machine. Just as the guy lent forward to check the number on the machine too. I fell forward and caught him as he leaned forward. Oh my gosh he smelled mouthwatering and certainly got the juices flowing. 
“It must not be this one, I was told it was jammed.” 
Well it certainly wasn’t jammed now but I had no idea where my button had flown off to. 
“Oh, I think it must be the other one up in the small meeting room, give me a minute and I can take you there if you like?”
He looked at his watch and nodded. “If you can spare me the time.”
It was quarter to four on a Friday afternoon. Everyone was on wind down and the building was slowly emptying. 
Slipping my jumper back over my head. I grabbed my security pass and left the copying so I could grab it on my way back. Holding the door open I looked at him and said “Follow me”
He pushed past, his back closely sidling to my sensitive breast. Taking another large breath I filled my lungs with his aroma. His thick set neck looked in need of nibbling. Stop! I must not think about the engineer like this. He waited in the hall to follow. So I thought I might as well give him a good show. I swung my hips and exaggerated my gait. My heels sunk into the plush carpet and springboarded my steps to the staircase. I climbed the stairs looking over my shoulder making sure he was still following me. He was hypnotised by my bottom as I moved like a metronome in full swing. I got to the door of the meeting room. Swiped my pass and opened the door, he stepped past me and into the room. Our bodies gently bumping together, creating a form of static electricity. Wow! This never happens. As I closed the door I turned to face him. I could see he had a wedding ring on but it didn’t stop me. I had to have him and I had to have him now! 
I walked towards him and pressed the curves of my body into his. He dropped his chin and watched as I ran my fingers up his shirt. Slowly I reached for his tie. I loosened it and started to unbutton his shirt. 
“I hope you don’t mind but I have an itch to scratch and you’re going to help me.” I licked my lips and he stepped back into the photocopier. Unsure what to do he removed his laptop bag over his head. As his arms were up I pushed his shirt away from his chest. I looked into his eyes and could sense he was unsure what to do. The thrill of getting caught and being able to work off a little frustration was pushing me on. 
“On your knees.” He instantly lowered himself to the floor, looking up at me. What a good boy, doing as he was told first time.
“I hope you’re hungry.” He locked eyes with me and his tongue darted out and swept across his bottom lip. A small sound like a sigh crossed with a grunt left his lips. I stood right in front of him and told him to remove my knickers. His hands gingerly came up my stockings, fingertips splayed and caressing as they came further up my leg. He hooked his fingers into the elastic and pulled them down. I stepped out, grabbed them, leaned down and stuffed them in his trouser pocket. Hitching my skirt up I lifted a leg and placed it on his shoulder. He instinctively knew what to do. His hot tongue pierced my succulent juicy lips. Probing. Tasting. Licking. Devouring as if he hadn’t eaten in a week. I dropped my head back, held onto his hair and thrust my hips into his face. This was exactly what I needed. He thrust his tongue in deep and brought his hands up to grip my bottom to keep me still. I reached my hands round and grabbed both hands hooking my fingers through his. It wasn’t up to him to decide what I needed. I bucked harder against his lips slowly feeling the pressure mount. Rocking into his face I pushed and ground down on his tongue till the very last pleasure particles had been released into my body. Heavy sighs and a heaving chest I removed my leg and looked down at him with a glistening face. Grabbing his chin I licked his lips, sucking and nibbling, tasting myself on him. I had just had a small taste to whet my appetite but I needed much, much more. Walking away from him while he was still on his knees he looked lost and forlorn. I leaned over the desk in the room and looking over my shoulder told him that I needed fucking right now and don’t spare the horses. He jumped up and rapidly walked towards me unzipping his trousers. The bulge was distinctive and rather becoming. He placed a hand inside and pulled out what seemed like a shortened Boa Constrictor. His hand wrestling it out and trying to strangle the untameable trouser beast. I rested my cheek on the cold table and waited for his shaft to puncture me in one forceful movement. Thick, strong hands grabbed onto my hips. In one short sharp thrust he stabbed into me and it was truly amazing. He lent his whole body weight into the movement as he thrust fiercely into me. It made my toes curl and my eyes roll to the top of my head. This was exactly what I needed after a busy, frustrating, stressful week. The sounds of our combined juices were squelchy and sexy to my ears. He pushed and pushed into me, no holds barred. “Such a good boy.”
“Doing just what you’re told.”
“Good boys get rewards.”
The words seem to give him increased encouragement as his vigour grew and he pounded into me. The table was taking the full impact with me and luckily wasn’t making any noise. Realising where I was instantly made me buzz and it reverberated through me as the second orgasam took hold. Clenching round his thick cock I could sense he was agitated to cum but waited to be told. I pushed him back with my legs and rolled off of my belly and sat on the desk. His cock was magnificent and dripping and a juicy rope of delicious liquid. I pushed myself off the desk with ease and dropped to my knees. I licked the tip of his throbbing taut, purple member and all round the rim carefully. Looking up at him as his eyes took on a sleepy doe effect. I then took him fully into my mouth and sucked from base to tip. I couldn’t get enough of him. Making greedy sighs as I licked and sucked. Grabbing his bottom cheeks in my hands I forced him down into my throat pushing in and out, in and out. His hips swayed and he seemed unsteady on his feet as I sucked deeply and wrapped my tongue around his shaft. Lost in the moment he pulled both hands onto the back of my head and pushed further still,  making me gag and tears prick in the corners of my eyes. Feeling his body respond I lost myself in the need to take him and for him to shoot his glorious cum to coat every tastebud on my tongue. He took over and just kept pushing, his movements became frantic until his body shuddered and a warm sticky eruption glazed the inside of my mouth. Swallowing and sucking ravenously I licked him clean as he suddenly released my head and realised what he had done. 
“You okay?”
Licking the last few escaping droplets from the corner of my mouth I smiled at him and nodded. He placed his cock back in his trousers and started to do the buttons back up on his shirt. His collected his tie from the floor and proceed to head towards the photocopier. I straightened myself up and finally stood up. I called after him. 
“Right you okay here?” 
“Erm…yes I think so.”
“Okay, I better get back. Good luck fixing it.”
He turned to look at me and I offered him my biggest smile. “Thanks, I needed that.”
“Anytime.” He looked like he was blushing. 
As I stepped through the door I leaned back into the room…”Oo try not to use my knickers to clean the glass this time. I would like to wear them again.” Offering him a cheeky wink I headed out the door. 
I must remember to get those knickers out of his pocket before I take the trousers to the dry cleaners next time.