Forever Mine.


I see,

I see,
The burning,
From plain sight,

I see,
Behind the mask,
Behind the veil,
I see,
The fire,
The water,
The unseen winds,
Within your sails,

I see,
Your weakness,
…And call it strength,
I see,
Your needs,
Behind pretence,

I see,
What haunts you,
The dreams at night,
I see,
What you hide,
With all your might,

I see,
And know,
Your hearts desire,
I see,
What it is,
That you aspire,

I see,
Across oceans,
And miles that stretch,
I see,
Your yearning,
… The tears that match,

My knowing,
My eyes,
This knowledge,
Without surprise,

Your doubt,
And feel,
No hurts,
Let your heart learn,
These precious words,

Even if,
Darkness falls,
Even if,
The void calls,
And feel,
That fire inside,
Just as lively,
Where I hide.

… Forever Mine.

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