Arriving home early from work

I drop to my knees
Saliva glands go berserk
Frantically begin unzipping 
Pulling at the material
Fingers reach out gripping
Pulling you close, lips part
Tongue wets the entrance
Eager to make a start
Tongue begins languidly licking
Fingers slowly caress
The rim receives furious flicking 
Mouth engulfs full throbbing head
Pressure imminently mounts
Spittle builds, begins to thread
Sucking deep, drawing out reward
Lips press, teeth graze
Guttural moan strikes a chord
Urgency presses, back of the throat
Pulsing, pumping ready to spurt
Tongue lashing, whipping, I devote 
Shooting ribbons of creamy liquid
Bursting, gushing swallowing 
On my knees you I will always worship


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