Plump, full, glossy and wet.
Hypnotic, defined and firmly set.
I’m looking at yours, you’re looking at mine.
Eagerly awaiting our tongues to entwine.

Strong thumb and finger raises my chin.
My hands roam freely, ready to begin.
Skin touches skin, electricity bursts.
A hunger, a want, a craving, a thirst.

The pressure builds, tongue pushes through.
That magical moment of tasting you.
Darting and spearing of full swordplay.
Hands gripping neck, the firm need to stay.

The tingle, the tangle the tantalising touch
A yearning, a need, I want you so much.
The gliding, the moisture, glistening lips.
Smoothly succulent, skimming teeth tips.

Probing and gliding my tongue moves with ease.
Darting forward and backwards eager to tease.
The sucking and smacking showers our ears.
Delicious devouring, savour lipstick smears.



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