My Toy

You can be my toy, good boy.
On your knees, with ease.
Stay still, just watch.
Fire in your eyes such a joy.

Fingers ripple over nipple.
With expertise I give a squeeze.
Beckoning finger, come close.
Skin soft, glistening, supple.

Blindfold tied, mine to decide.
Breaths seize, become a wheeze.
Red and fiery like your heart.
Heightened senses with sight denied.

Do as you’re told, never bold.
I tease, you say please.
Grabbing hair, thrusting forward.
Place your tongue into the fold.



7 thoughts on “My Toy”

  1. Take me blind
    Fold your skin onto me
    Rake me with your talons so sharply defined
    Be bold, share each sin, so voluptuously…
    Press your pliant flesh and caress
    Over my body that you’ve bind
    Each rope, as you grope, rips my skin
    I bleed with you, for you, divine
    Cut me and taste me, never to waste me
    Do as you want as you will…
    Pleasure me, treasure me
    For you, I will thrill and spill…

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