Taste of You

Lips meet
Sticky and sweet
Tongue pushes through
Subtle taste of you
Poking and whirling
Flavours all swirling
Smoothly gliding
Tip delicately sliding
Saliva oozing
Lips bruising
Firm yet delicious
Sexy and salacious



You visit me in my dreams,
You worship me without contest
Yet the pedestal you see me on is the one you create.
Because in my eyes you are the one to be worshipped
As you are in my every heartbeat.

I live to make you happy
I am here to wipe away your tears
I will fight your demons
I can fold away your fears.

I am nothing without you
in my eyes reflected, true.



I may be voluptuous & curvy
You can be kind of pervy
Thoughts become swervy
I feel so unworthy

Let’s lock the door
Take it to the floor
Stay naked and raw
Love each other till we are sore

Just you and I alone
Switch off the phone
Take me to that zone
Where I scream and moan

Don’t ever go away
Be satisfied, please stay
I love you, come what may
Tomorrow is a new day



Oh to be your muse
To allow our bodies to fuse
Our souls to dance
I am in your trance
For you to watch and pen
Not just now but then

To immerse myself in your thoughts sublime
Consume your every letter across time
Use me, write your words with my curves
Caress as you flow, tingle my nerves
Undress me with indelible ink
You and me forever in sync


My Toy

You can be my toy, good boy.
On your knees, with ease.
Stay still, just watch.
Fire in your eyes such a joy.

Fingers ripple over nipple.
With expertise I give a squeeze.
Beckoning finger, come close.
Skin soft, glistening, supple.

Blindfold tied, mine to decide.
Breaths seize, become a wheeze.
Red and fiery like your heart.
Heightened senses with sight denied.

Do as you’re told, never bold.
I tease, you say please.
Grabbing hair, thrusting forward.
Place your tongue into the fold.