Talk and I’ll listen.

After a very positive day I came across a very sad and upsetting sight. A young girl was on the other side of the bridge. I don’t mean walking towards me, I mean she was on the outside railing, of the motorway bridge. There was two policemen calmly trying to talk to her. They had shut the motorway. I looked at her and thought- could life be that sad that you don’t want to see the next thing that happens, that once your eyes closed you would not open them again. Life would be final. To me that’s not a choice. I can’t even think like that. I’ve had many dark days and that is why I am so grateful to be here and try to see the positives in so many things. But that’s another story. We have sad days, we all do, even me. But to see her standing there so distressed and broken. Knowing that she wanted to end it all just made me cry. It left me with so many unanswered questions. What could be so bad? Why couldn’t she talk to someone? Where was her family? How would they feel? What was wrong? How had it got to this point? What would her loved ones think?
I wanted to jump over the barrier and scoop her up in my arms and just cuddle her. Life can be stressful. It can be dark, but please try and talk to someone. They will listen. I will listen. When you talk it can be text, it can be email it can be on the phone, face to face. Whatever you are comfortable with…but communicate. Please I ask you to think of the people around you.
Also on the other side, talk to people, ask them how they are, make conversation. Be proactive. Let them know you are there, that you care. Someone will listen.



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