Making music

Totally beautiful! ❤️

Merlot Bookbinder

My desire for you grows with each day.
Can’t help myself feeling this way.
Without you I’d whither,
Like a drought to a river.
Couldn’t bear seeing you go away.

You keep my heart beating, it’s true.
There’s no other for me, only you.
You make me complete,
Pick me up, when downbeat.
I must know if you love me too.

To me, you’re the sun and the moon.
Darkest night and bright afternoon.
You’re my night and day,
Chase troubles away.
From them, you make me immune.

Our hearts, as one they’re attuned.
With you I’m totally consumed.
You’re the food that I eat.
You’re why my heart beats.
We’re a song, I’m lyrics, you’re tune.


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