Living in the future.

I can’t believe it! Today I actually loved technology! It was an epiphany!
I was talking to some guys about the fact that nobody is perfect and we all, including myself should always look for ways to improve ourselves. I talked about my Mum of nearly 70 who is a dab hand with her iPad mini. She has adapted and learnt new things and she is always up for a new challenge. They didn’t seem so keen and said that there was no need if you were good at something to improve it. I then talked about the iPad and how if that was so perfect why did it get updates. We discussed how the iPad has updates to improve its running, how it works and what works best. To which I then said think of us as iPads and we are constantly in need of regular updates to better ourselves, whether it be activities we like or dislike. We all need to look for ways to improve ourselves. They totally got this and it was like watching the penny drop. Woohoo! So watch out as I am waiting for my next update…41.1


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